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  • Susan Dawn

Twin Flame Energy Update: October 9, 2018

Divine Masculine (Left), Divine Feminine (Right)

Divine Masculine Channeled Message Whether on a conscious or subconscious level, illusions are beginning to shatter as the DM begins breaking through blocks that have held them back from love. Through forgiveness, self-compassion, and healing, they are letting go of the past and moving forward with an open heart. Additionally, they have become more willing to trust their divine counterpart and are beginning to recognize the innate connection between them as a result of more fully embracing and trusting in themselves. The divine masculine is more willing to express their love than in the past, and though the past still lingers, they are not haunted by it but are filled with gratitude for the invaluable lessons learned and the growth that has been presented to them. While it may seem to the divine feminne that their counterpart is waking as if from a dream, the masculine feels as if they are coming into their true self wherein they are able to express their love fully and without fear. In every essence, they feel as if they are coming home.

Divine Feminine Channeled Message The DF is having trouble connecting to their inner guidance and are therefore feeling disconnected from themselves, leading to expressions of solitude, loneliness, and perhaps even, on some level, grief. This could be brought on by a pause in communication or a feeling of "one step forward, two steps back" with their counterpart. However, Spirit is reminding the feminine that their masculine--and divine guidance--is always there and that emotions are merely a gentle nudge from the higher self that more healing is occuring. Connect inwards and focus on the love you hold for yourself. Feel the love from your counterpart when you go within and trust that you can communicate with your divine masculine no matter the distance or feelings of disconnect. Want a personal reading? Book now!


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