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Soul Connections


Love is the thread in the tapestry of life...

There's a lot of information out there around soul connections--specifically, the labeled terms of karmic relationships, soulmates, and twin flames/twin souls. I personally believe that every relationship is meant to support us in our soul's evolution. For some connections, this is through understanding duality, fulfilling energetic contracts, and experiencing contrast. For other connections, this is through heart expansion and helping each other to discover the divinity within on the journey back to love.


We are all connected through the same universal GodSource energy as unique threads in the tapestry of creation. Because of this, the terms "karmics," "soulmates," and 'twin flames/twin souls" are merely labels used for association; however, these labels help us differentiate and understand the depths of the connections we are experiencing with one another on the human plane while also helping to translate and navigate the ever-evolving energies.


In this space, I share my own personal thoughts on each connection based on my personal experiences and years of channeling that have continued to evolve. It is my belief that all connections, no matter the label, have the capacity for strong love and are a blessing in our lives for how we grow, learn, and expand. Always use your own discernment by keeping an open mind and heart and accepting what resonates with your truth.

For more teachings, please check out my website and social media platforms, including hundreds of free collective sacred channelings, as well as the Twin Flame Truths Workshop.

Karmic ConnectionsKarmic connections are so named because they help us complete a cycle of karma, or energetic cause and effect. Karmic connections can be found in the form of family members, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and even strangers. These connections come into our lives for a reason, wherein the purpose is to help us learn a distinct lesson, share a specific experience, or close out/heal from an energetic cycle. Once the lesson is learned and the karmic cycle is closed, karmic connections may fade away.


Karmic connections may feel like strong soul connections--even in romantic love relationships--but they may not be long-lasting. Again, they are here to serve a specific purpose in our life experience. Often, these connections tend to receive a negative reputation because they can be difficult experiences and soul lessons, but it's important to never underestimate the beauty of a karmic connection, particularly when it comes to our growth. Every connection has the capacity for love, enabling us the gifts of experience, expansion, and growth.

Soulmates: Soulmates are those who resonate with us on a deeper spiritual or "soul" level. We feel it when we meet them: a familiarity, a sense of comfort, even a sense of home. It feels as if we've known them forever even if we've just met. This is because we're operating on similar energetic frequencies; many times, we may have known each other in past lifetimes. Soulmates are known as part of our "soul family." There is a high-level of compatability, safety, and trust with similar values, beliefs, goals, and interests experienced in our human lives. Soulmates withstand the test of time and distance, often picking up easily and effortlessly right where we left off.

Imagine a set of three energetic rings, like the example depicted below, with you standing at the cente
r. Your Twin Flame, being the same energetic frequency and vibrational match, is standing with you. The next ring includes those known as your soulmates or soul family. These are family members and friends who have been with you through previous incarnations and who resonate on a similar energetic frequency, often with similar values, beliefs, interests, and goals.

SDSC Soul Connections Circle.png

The outermost ring depicts karmic connections. These are the outlier connections that help you experience and grow, but who may not necessarily travel with you throughout your lifetime. Soulmates can help us with karmic lessons and karmic connections may sometimes feel like soulmates, but the energetic resonance will eventually feel different. No matter how long or far apart you are, soulmates maintain that feeling of familiarity and home. You typically know one when you meet one.

Twin Flames/Twin Souls: Here's where it gets confusing because unless you've experienced this type of connection firsthand, it's hard to distinguish the difference of depth of such a relationship. While soulmates are similar to us vibrationally, Twin Flames are us. The ancient philosopher Plato described this connection as "one soul split into two bodies." That is, one soul experiencing itself in two physical embodiments. Twin Flames are the exact same energetic frequency and match because they are essentially the same soul. 


Twin Flames may present as seemingly polar opposites on the outside (for example, they may look different, be different genders, from different religions and backgrounds, have different ways of expressing themselves, etc). However, this, too, is for the purpose of experiencing duality and accelarated expansion.


The soul itself is comprised of Mother/Father GodSource energy, also known as the masculine and feminine polarity. Twin Flames experience this as divine mirrored polarities of each other. That is, one twin will embody the Divine Feminine energy as their core essence while their counterpart is their embodied Divine Masculine energy (and vice versa). Through the process of sacred union, the polarities are merged, the illusion of separation is dissolved, and oneness is experienced.

The meeting or reunion of twin flames can oftentimes feel like a shockwave--a sense of homecoming, a burst of pure love and joy, a familiarity and wonder both. This is soul recognition on the deepest level, as they are seeing themselves--including the masks, programming, patterns, wounding as well as the beauty and divinity--in another physical embodiment. Thus they are launched on a healing journey of ascension. Oftentimes, the strength of one twin is a perceived lack in another. For example, one twin might be an excellent communicator while the other struggles with self-expression. As your twin sees this perceived lack in themselves through you, it triggers them. Thus the healing process to eliminate this false belief and old patterning begins. Twin Flames incarnate for the purpose of soul growth (with a higher-level mission of changing the paradigm, raising the vibrations of the planet, and ushering in a new template of Christ Consciousness. Learn more about that here: Special Channeled Messages for Twin Flames - THE NEW MISSION TEMPLATE). 

The terms Twin Flames and Twin Souls are used interchangeably. I use the term Twin Souls to reflect the harmonious connection between counterparts that's experienced during the ascension process. Sacred union is the merging of energies and union of souls--an alchemical marriage of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies, also known as Hieros Gamos. This is first experienced internally through self-love and the soul growth journey that then reflects in conscious, sacred connection. The term Twin Soul reflects the balance, joy, harmony, and love that has always been part of the connection but may not have been recognized due to the intensity of the journey.


Because these terms can be so misused and misunderstood in the spiritual community, I prefer the terms "sacred partners" and "divine counterparts."

Want to know more about Twin Flames? Our comprehensive three-hour channeling combines all of our knowledge, experience, and channeling about twin flames/sacred partners, the healing journey, and the sacred union path of ascension in one digestible workshop. Curated from years of experience and hundreds of sacred channelings and readings, this workshop focuses on the ascension relationship and spiritual partnership known as "twin flames."


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More on the Matter

OK. So now that I've shared my beliefs on the different soul connections (knowing that each is valued in its own way), I want to add some additional disclaimers:

  • It's been my experience in working with clients and the collective community that some spiritual connections that are believed to be twin flames/twin souls are in actuality catalyst connections (karmic or soulmate in nature) meant to launch individuals on their soul-growth journey into self-love and spiritual awakening. You and only you can know for yourself what type of soul connection this is. This journey is about learning to trust yourself, your own intuition, and opening up to your spiritual guidance team. No psychic, reader, guru, or guide can ever replace your own knowing about your own experiences or connections. (Nope, not even me!)

  • While the labels are useful in translating energy, communicating feelings and intentions, and differentiating between the soul connections that are being experienced (something that must be felt to be understood), the terms themselves can be too restrictive to what is truly something spiritual--the depth for which there is often a lack of words available. Again, please trust your journey and follow your intuition.

  • The physical relationship with your divine counterpart is very much part of the connection--just as a physical relationship is part of any connection. We are spirit experiencing humanity, and in order to experience the fullness of humanity, that means connecting on a physical level as well as a spiritual level. However, what you experience within is what manifests in your outside, tangible world. Thus, the emphasis on the 5D versus the 3D, particularly in twin flame/twin soul connections. Life in general is a journey of the soul, and soul growth is an integral part of the awakening/ascension journey. The twin flame experience is simply one path of ascension. Too often, people can get caught up in the physical relationship by focusing on their counterpart versus embodying love within the self. Be present in your connection and respect/accept what is being shown to you. Continue to return the focus to your connection with the divine and your own soul growth journey. Allow the partnership to unfold how it's meant to in your physical experience. Trust that you are always divinely guided.

  • A true Twin Flame relationship is a reflection of love. While counterparts may trigger each other and bring up wounds and projections, it is not meant for you to attach, justify, excuse, or tolerate disrespectful or abusive behavior in any way. Both counterparts in connection must be willing to accept personal accountability with a healthy degree of self-awareness.

  • The emphasis of this journey is of our own individual soul growth work, albeit through partnership with another, in order to self-empower and strengthen one's sovereignty and self-love. Many of these readings and channelings focus on self-responsibility, as each partner is responsible for their own soul growth and healing journey. Please be mindful of this when engaging in connection.

  • Twin Flame connections show us how to engage in healthy, conscious ways; however, as you first embark on your soul growth journey with your counterpart, much of this may be shown as contrast through triggers. The triggers are meant to show you where the wound is, which is where we're meant to show more grace, love, and compassion to ourselves (and others). This is where your ascension journey truly begins. Everything you're learning with your Twin Flame can also be applied to other conscious connections, including the connection you have with yourself, other relationship dynamics, and the world around you.

  • For more about Twin Flames and the sacred union path to ascension, follow my YouTube channels, social media platforms, and explore the website or get the Soul Sessions Workshop: Twin Flame Truths!

Finally, I wish to express that my personal experience on this ascension journey and with my divine counterpart is the lens through which I was guided to create my platform, including my spiritual practice. This platform is meant for those experiencing spiritual connections of all kinds who want to understand themselves and their relationships with others, GodSource, and the world from a higher, conscious perspective of soul growth and self-love while also having the human experience--bridging humanity with spirituality. 

We all play a part in one another's growth and expansion; we all have pieces of the puzzle. I always appreciate various perspectives that help me to grow in my own understanding and beliefs. In fact, my beliefs have only shifted, grown, and evolved throughout my own soul growth journey. I respect everyone's personal journey and their beliefs, and I appreciate being able to share my truth and my experiences with you with the freedom to continue to expand. 

As always, I'm sending you all love and light.



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