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Soul Connections


"Relationships are our greatest catalysts for healing and expansion, reflecting back to us our connection to ourselves. Intimate relationships, especially, ask us to see and be seen in our realness, in our raw vulnerability, in our most unguarded moments. In unconscious relationships, which have been the template of our society for centuries, we look to our partners to fulfill, gratify, and validate us, which often leads to control and co-dependency, among other subtly toxic traits. In conscious relationships, two self-actualized individuals approach the connection with mutual support and encouragement for growth, the relationship itself becoming a nurtured third energy.

Ascension isn’t just a healing journey but a remembrance—a remembrance of who we are on a soul level, a remembrance of our divinity, a remembrance of our eternal connection to God. We’re here to serve as a link between the spiritual and physical, and sacred relationships are at the forefront of the consciousness shift as part of an accelerated journey of this remembrance. Your journey to union is just one of infinite paths of spiritual awakening and ascension—one in which you’re exploring your soul’s truth through the Twin Flame energy and the embodiment of a divine partnership.

When it comes to soul connections—and every connection is a soul connection on some level—we use the terms “karmic connection,” “soulmate connection,” and “twin flame/twin soul connection” as a way of identifying within the human experience. 

I personally believe every relationship is meant to support us in our soul's evolution. For some connections, this is through recognizing duality, fulfilling energetic contracts, and experiencing contrast. For other connections, this is through heart expansion and helping each other rediscover the divinity within on our journey back to love.

It’s also my belief that all connections, no matter the label, have the capacity for strong love and are blessings in our lives for how we grow, learn, and expand if we choose to see beyond the human template and through the wider lens of the soul. Always use your discernment by keeping an open mind and heart and accepting what resonates with your truth. 


Whether we’re experiencing a Twin Flame, Soulmate, or Karmic Connection, and whether they’re here to uplift and support us or to challenge and catalyze us in our soul growth, we all come from the same Source energy. It’s initially helpful to use these labels to identify what each connection is in order to understand our spiritual nature while navigating our human experience, but as we continue to evolve, we realize we can throw out the labels. They don’t matter. Ultimately, on a soul level, we’re all guiding each other home.


Someone who may be a karmic connection to you may be a soulmate to another, and vice versa. Each connection serves a purpose in the grand design, and when we take a broader look through a spiritual versus physical lens, we see that these connections help us elevate our soul growth journey. The more we can consciously connect with each other in all dynamics, the more we’re stepping into unity consciousness.

There are many collective roads to ascension, and each one contains a personal path. The sacred union path of conscious connection is merely one of them. As we shift in consciousness, we begin to recognize there is no separation, that we’re connected to all. Every connection is, too, part of the same collective consciousness created from GodSource.

Your ascension journey, whether experienced individually or with a partner, is helping the planetary collective undergo its own process of ascension in which frequencies rise and vibrations shift. This causes a dismantling of unstable structures and is part of the chaos and destruction we’re currently seeing in our physical world. The former foundations have to fall away in order for new ways of being to take place, including how we interact and connect with each other. As you heal, expand, and grow on your journey, your energy has a ripple effect on everything around you. It’s the cosmic blueprint for why we’re here and activated to ascension in this time and space. The individual affects the collective just as the micro affects the macro, and vice versa. Don’t forget—everything is interconnected.

Throughout this journey, you’re deconstructing all the old templates of connecting, including the past paradigm of relationships and any outdated beliefs that might have served you at one point in your individual experience, but you’ve since evolved beyond. As you put into practice everything you’ve learned, utilizing all the tools and resources you’ve acquired, and begin to embody the sacred self within higher states of consciousness and love, that energetic ripple extends further outwards. Here, you apply your wisdom to healthy, conscious relating so that every encounter becomes a sacred connection.

This is The Unity Code."

- Excerpt from The Unity Code by Susan Dawn, available everywhere October 2024!

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