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Tarot & Oracle Decks


Interested in learning Tarot or want to enhance your spreads? Our collection of original tarot and oracle/message decks are designed to deepen your intuitive practice along your spiritual journey!

Check out our Tarot in Translation series for courses, resources, decks, and more!

Tarot in Translation

Watch the walkthrough of all three original message decks in the
Conversations Series!


"Divinely inspired messages! Using these decks in my readings has had an amazing effect on so many hearts, helping to remove doubts and bringing some to tears of relief and cleansing. Seeing how others' hearts and minds open and have faith in the messages they receive from these decks has been profound for me to witness and experience. I "Highly" recommend all of the decks and this shop. The quality of service and attention from Susan is beyond excellent."

Product: Conversations with Counterparts Message Deck Bundle


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Enhance your spreads and strengthen your journey deck bundles at a discounted rate!

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