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Intuitive Tarot Readings


"Wow, what more can I say?  I have had many reading with different readers over the years and Susan is up there with the best ever.  I have had several readings with Susan, both for a divine partnership and life purpose/mission guidance and she never ceases to blow me away.  The depth, detail and validations given are amazing.  She has brought my divine masculine’s energy through so strongly that she was expressing his words and his personality in a way that I could feel him in the room and it was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. 


There was also lots of higher level guidance from spirit on the steps I needed to take so that I could accelerate my journey and as a result her readings also stimulate a great deal of personal growth and healing, they are not just what you want to hear, but what you need to know and do in order to progress you situation, but this is given in an very loving and gentle way whilst still retaining the message.  I followed this guidance and it has been key to releasing my own blocks and moving forward on my path, so much so that Susan has become my go to reader if ever I feel in need of further clarity or guidance.  She is very gifted and very generous with her time, and at the same time great value for money!  My first full divine partnership reading was over 2 hours long with so much quality information given.  Other comparable readers of the same quality would of charged hundreds for a similar thing. I’ve recommended Susan to several friends now as I have been so impressed.  Thank you Susan, you rock!!"

- KELLY - 
Service: Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Readings

Angel Aura Energy Healing
& Other Services



""I have been working with energy healers for over 20 years. Susan Dawn has become one of my top favorites to have a session with. When I am looking for answers, movement in my energy or guidance I reach out to Susan. The guidance she receives resonates truth for me, it is gentle, and a safe space to be seen and cared for. I have had the pleasure of experiencing a variety of Susan's work, the tarot channelings, light language and now Angel Aura Energy Healing. When I received my Angel Aura Energy Healing from Susan it moved me in the deepest core of my divine self. I truly felt my energy expand and become one with our divine source. Susan's Angel Aura Energy Healing filled me with love and I could feel some of my deepest stuck energy release. Susans words are kind, supportive and filled with gentle yet powerful truth. The 2nd and 3rd time I listened to my Angel Aura Energy Healing it was even more powerful for me. I highly recommend anyone treating themselves or a loved one to the profound gift of an Angel Aura Energy Healing session. Susan is a true pleasure to work with."

- J.E. - 
Service: Angel Aura Energy Healing