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Intuitive Tarot Readings


"From the very first moment I reached out to Susan Dawn for spiritual guidance, I felt an overwhelming sense of connection and understanding. It's with utmost respect and gratitude that I write this testimonial, for words can barely express the profound impact she's had on my journey.

I wholeheartedly recommend Susan Dawn to anyone embarking on a spiritual quest, particularly those who find themselves on a unique ascension pathway or exploring counterpart connections. Her innate ability to tap into the vast reservoir of source energy ensures an experience that is both enlightening and transformative. Unlike many, Susan offers channeled readings that are refreshingly unbiased and free from self-imposed limitations. Her messages are tailored to resonate with what one truly needs to hear, allowing for a much deeper comprehension and connection to one's spiritual path.

Beyond her uncanny accuracy in interpreting energy, what stands out about Susan is her boundless kindness. Every interaction is imbued with genuine care and a desire to serve, making one feel seen, heard, and understood. She has been a catalyst in my life, nudging me towards empowered decisions and fostering a deeper understanding of my own energy.

Through Susan's insightful guidance, I've developed a discerning eye, learned to embrace challenges with grace, and most importantly, found my way back to the heart of self-love. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with such a beacon of light and encourage anyone seeking clarity and spiritual growth to experience the magic that is Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections."


Service: Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Readings

Angel Aura Energy Healing
& Other Services



"I have been receiving energy check-ins from Susan for years, and the guidance I have gained along the way has truly changed my life and brought so much healing, understanding, and peace on my journey. I recently received an angel aura healing from Susan and it was truly profound. The channeling was deeply meaningful and beautiful and I felt an immediate shift in my energy. I cannot thank Susan enough for everything she has provided to me with her gifts and I recommend her to everyone in my life. Thank you Susan!"

- SARAH - 
Service: Angel Aura Energy Healing

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