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Intuitive Tarot Readings


"It's hard to put into words the depth and value of the services that Susan provides to her clients and the collective. I have worked with several readers but, no one comes close to Susan's channeling and spiritual support.  Her readings are layered and detailed and resonate on all levels. She always connects with an authentic and vulnerable space that is an inspiration to her clients. Her channeling is always on point and always incredibly kind and supportive of the soul's expansion. I feel blessed to work with Susan and humbled by her huge heart.  Her guidance, readings, and teachings have been instrumental in my soul's development and I am eternally grateful for all her support. I wholeheartedly recommend Susan and all her work.

Service: Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Readings & Spiritual Coaching

Angel Aura Energy Healing
& Other Services



""I have been working with energy healers for over 20 years. Susan Dawn has become one of my top favorites to have a session with. When I am looking for answers, movement in my energy or guidance I reach out to Susan. The guidance she receives resonates truth for me, it is gentle, and a safe space to be seen and cared for. I have had the pleasure of experiencing a variety of Susan's work, the tarot channelings, light language and now Angel Aura Energy Healing. When I received my Angel Aura Energy Healing from Susan it moved me in the deepest core of my divine self. I truly felt my energy expand and become one with our divine source. Susan's Angel Aura Energy Healing filled me with love and I could feel some of my deepest stuck energy release. Susans words are kind, supportive and filled with gentle yet powerful truth. The 2nd and 3rd time I listened to my Angel Aura Energy Healing it was even more powerful for me. I highly recommend anyone treating themselves or a loved one to the profound gift of an Angel Aura Energy Healing session. Susan is a true pleasure to work with."

- J.E. - 
Service: Angel Aura Energy Healing

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