We love sharing helpful resources and caring connections, so we've created this space to help you on your healing journey.


Here you'll find: readers we trust and other healers and guides we've personally experienced who may be of benefit to your spiritual journey. Please note that these are recommendations only. Use your own intuition and discernment for your needs.  

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A list of friends who are healers and guides to help you on you spiritual journey:





Atlantean Healing is a powerful past-life energy healing modality that provides breakthrough shifts for the individual soul's journey and for divine counterparts. Kelly, founder of The Amethyst Temple, is a beautiful soul and wonderful practitioner of Atlantean Healing. Hear about my own experiences with Kelly and Atlantean Healing in this

 video testimonial!







If you're looking for guidance and healing from a powerful intuitive, look no further than Merkaba Molly. Working closely with the angelic realm, Molly offers tarot and oracle card readings and energy healing as well as past life regression therapy. With her gentle nature and beautifully evolved spirit, Molly's readings are an amazing source of comfort and gentle guidance for your journey! Check out her website here: Merkaba Molly


The Spiritual Warrior UK is ready to help you on your ascension journey, particularly if you're in a divine counterpart connection. A former client, Lisa has become a trusted friend and a powerful and insightful tarot reader with whom I've had several readings that are always spot on and that provide exactly the guidance I need to further my connection with myself and my beloved. Check out Lisa's website here: The Spiritual Warrior UK



Lisa is also a multi award-winning Functional Health Practitioner of over 25 years and the founder of Living Better Health Organic Superfoods. She specializes in the field of hormonal health, working with women who are going through Peri-Menopause & Menopause rebalancing their systems & metabolic processes which affect their weight.  She also works extensively with anxiety & overwhelm. Lisa works with different modalities such as nutrition, homeopathy, emotional freedom technique, life coaching, subject psychology, reiki and energy healing. Check out her website here: Living Better Health








Brandy is an incredible healer, channel, and guide on the path to spiritual growth and sacred self-care. With over twenty years of experience, she works with you through energy sessions, attunements, counseling, trainings, mentorship, and channelings to help you become your highest multi-dimensional self. I've personally taken Brandy's Reiki courses and have had several sacred chats with her and can attest to her beautiful, high-vibrational energy and wisdom. She has become a trusted mentor and friend on my own personal ascension journey, helping me attain the right tools and modalities for me to further my own spiritual growth.  

Check out her website here: Soothsayer's Aria


Melissa Maiz is a spiritual rockstar whose intuitive reading and healing services are second-to-none. In the healing sessions, she takes you on a journey into yourself so you can reprogram everything that is limiting you from activating your highest potential. She uses channeling and different techniques like systemic theory and theta healing to give you a personalized experience in each individual session. No two sessions are the same. A former client, Melissa is a trusted soul sister, insightful tarot reader, and powerful energy healer who has been instrumental on my own healing journey. 

Check her out on Instagram: Melissa Maiz

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