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  • Susan Dawn

Twin Flame Energy Update: February 4, 2019

Divine Masculine (Top), Divine Feminine (Bottom)

Want more? Stay tuned for the full collective energy update video on our YouTube channel!

Please note that this is either for you or for your counterpart, so please take it as it resonates. We’re looking at recent past, current, and near future energies. Time is fluid so take the messages as they resonate with you.

In the recent past energy we have the King of Swords clarified by the King of Cups. Someone was remaining guarded from all of the emotions they were feeling with regards to this connection. They have had a breakthrough and seen the truth, the reality of the connection and the situation in which they’ve found themselves. Their heart chakra has been activated—the heart is split wide open and the feelings have been tumbling forth. It’s made them feel a little guarded and on edge, but the last of the resistance is fading. Spirit is reminding me of the last Divine Partnership reading in which the ice was melting. They’re no longer numb to their emotions. Now they are feeling everything and it’s making them uncomfortable. They’re holding the sword and ready to do battle because they’re still in warrior mode, a little battle weary, but this is a king. He is ready to stand strong and move forward in love.

There is a separate message for someone (if it resonates with you, it’s meant for you) that someone has stood their ground/is standing in their power because they were trusting their intuition and what was in their heart. They moved on the emotions they were feeling. Spirit is saying job well done—you will see the fruits of that in time as things begin to shift in a positive direction for you.

In the current energy we have the Eight of Wands clarified by the Temperance card. They are feeling the passion! They are ready and eager to move forward—in their life and towards this connection—with some kind of communication. I’m also hearing commitment for a segment of the collective. However, they’re still trying to balance their past energies out. The King of Swords and the King of Cups—staying a bit guarded versus wanting to offer love. But the Divine has a hand in this and is guiding them forward, helping them to heal and create a sense of balance within themselves. This is requiring some patience, and the Divine is tempering their eagerness to move quickly. Divine Timing is at play. This person is now currently trusting this and their intuition. They know that there is still some more healing work being done, especially from those residual past energies, and that when the time is right to come together, it will bring forth the love they hold within.

In the near future energies we have the Ace of Swords and the Queen of Cups. I’m hearing this is the green light from the Divine. They will have some kind of epiphany or breakthrough that will have them moving towards their counterpart and this connection with warmth, nurturing affection and a new beginning. They are the king and their counterpart is their queen. Both are holding cups of love, having filled it themselves through self love and healing, and they now are ready to offer their cups to each other.

Spirit is guiding me to the clarifying cards as one final message. The King. The Queen. Temperance. Pouring from both cups to create a beautiful, harmonious, and lasting union and partnership. This is the trinity. This is divine love, guided by the heavens. Continue to have faith, continue to trust in this connection, continue to connect to the divine and to your counterpart within. That is where this new beginning in love will manifest. Want a personal reading? Book now!


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