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  • Susan Dawn

Twin Flame Energy Update: October 22, 2018

Divine Masculine (Top), Divine Feminine (Bottom)

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Divine Masculine Channeled Message

Intellect over emotion. That’s been the energy the divine masculine has carried with them. In the past they’ve made their decisions from a place of mental judgement versus their heart-space, and while Spirit is quick to remind us that this is beneficial at times, the masculines are learning the value of this balance, especially when it comes to relationships. The Ten of Swords, immediately followed by the Page is Swords, tells us that this old way of thinking is ending and a new beginning is dawning—both the way they have placed value on the mind over the heart as well as how they have viewed their divine feminine in the past. Spirit tells us that some divine masculines will remain in this latent Ten of Swords energy—focusing on who they were as a perceived loss and being resistant to this internal transformation and growth—while others will embrace the Page of Swords energy of a new beginning for themselves, their lives, and their feminines. Either way, the Two of Wands in the future energies indicates that action is being taken and the universe and the soul’s higher self will intervene to propel them forward, for energy cannot remain stagnant for long. Growth must happen, and forward motion is inevitable. However, for most of the collective, they are eagerly and actively planning their future, seeing what’s on the horizon for their relationship with their feminine and making the decision to begin the journey back to harmony.

Divine Feminine Channeled Message

Considered the Union card in the Twin Soul Tarot community, the Four of Wands paired with the Ace of Pentacles indicates recent harmony and prosperity for the divine feminines. Manifestations have been abundant with a seeming “dreams coming true” scenario, especially around their masculine, suggesting forward movement with their divine counterpart. One phase or cycle has come to an end and, mirroring the masculine’s energies, another is just beginning. Spirit cautions the divine feminine that although it might look like there are challenges on the physical plane, the harsh nature of the journey is coming to a close as the divine feminine has ascended and anchored into greater balance and higher vibrations. Become the Fool and approach this new phase of the journey with a lightness in the soul and harmony in the heart. In the near future energies, the Nine of Wands gently reminds the feminine to have faith on their journey and stand strong in the knowledge of how they have grown and who they are on a soul level. Draw upon your experiences but leave the past behind you as you venture forward on your journey. Want a personal reading? Book now!


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