I was called to make all Light Language Transmissions public on my YouTube channel going forward to assist the collective. 

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Get full access to the Light Language Transmission Chakra Alignment Series! This powerful transmission series is available to you as a full recording. Separate videos for each chakra will be uploaded on my sister channel, Susan Dawn Ascension Connections, in the coming weeks. This is truly one of the most powerful channelings I've ever personally experienced, with light codes, direct channelings, and dragon energy coming in to help you anchor in the rainbow matrix and reach your highest vibrational frequency.

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Light Language has no direct translation, as it's pure energy. Allow the words, sounds, movement, and vibration to move through you. Release the egoic mind that attempts to analyze and translate and let your soul carry the sounds and movements through your energetic body.


New Light Language Transmissions are now available on my sister channel, Susan Dawn Ascension Connections.

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