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  • Susan Dawn

Twin Flame Energy Update: June 4, 2019

Pictured: Divine Masculine (left); Divine Feminine (right). Make note of the moon card (representative of feminine energy) showing up for the DM and the sun card (representative of masculine energy) showing up for the DF!

Divine Masculine Check-In I did a quick check-in on the DM energies this morning (a full reading will be up on the channel either today or tomorrow, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out), and these cards came flying out for what he’s feeling in his physical world.

DMs are fully conscious of this connection and wanting to bring stability and a firmer foundation (in some cases commitment) to their relationship with a brand-new beginning—no more false starts. They’re getting ready to take a leap of faith, but they’re keeping their emotions and potential actions under wraps.

From the Scorpio full moon to last night’s new moon in Gemini, Divine Masculines have been undergoing immense transformations—not just with regards to this connection, but for their own lives. What beautiful energy that is! They are taking control of their lives—taking the reins of fate, I’m hearing—and getting ready to steer their lives in a positive direction after the deeper transformation into self-love and self-worth. This is the new Divine Masculine ready to show the world what he’s really made of.

Gorgeous energy today. I couldn’t be happier for the collective DMs. Divine Feminine Check-In

Amazing cards for the Divine Feminine today! They’re going through their own transformation (I’m hearing an inner transformation and expansion) where they are feeling like they’ve been reborn under a new sun (or moon, as it were!). The healing energies of this new moon in Gemini has instilled in the DF a new sense of understanding of self and belief in happily ever after. Where before there was fear, now there is faith. Where before there was mistrust, now there is certainty that they are magical manifestors, co-creating with the Divine... and their Divine Masculine.

Divine Feminines are using this time to evaluate and in some cases renew their dreams—I’m hearing dreams they once lost faith in, especially with regards to this connection. They are looking towards the future with renewed optimism, ready to welcome in the happiness that they know was meant for them—not just because it was written in the stars, but because they themselves have the power to manifest it so.

A beautiful transformation for Divine Feminines stepping fully into their power! Both counterparts are taking control of their lives and their destinies!


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