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Spiritual Guides & Journals



Whether you're just beginning your spiritual exploration or you want to dive deeper in your learning, our Spiritual Guides & Workbooks provide a valuable foundation of resources for any level of your journey.

Learn more about the comprehensive Ascension Starter Kit!

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"Beautiful design/artwork and so much information, I've only just started wading through it all! I've found it very helpful so far and would recommend the ascension kit to anyone at the start of the magickal journey."

Product: Ascension Starter Kit


Deepen your spiritual practice and strengthen your connection to yourself, your partner, or the Universe with our Spiritual Journals! These digital workbook/journal combinations were created to help you navigate your journey as a one-time intimate self-study or continued discovery!

Prefer a physical copy?

Get the Shadows & Light Journal OR the Spiritual Connections Journal (Bundle)

Want more?

Deepen your shadow work practice with the new

Shadows & Light Journal and Deck Bundle!


"This is thorough! It's helping me to discover more about myself as a whole. The questions and activities do make me think. And reflecting on them helps me to dig a little (or a lot, depending on the question/activity) deeper. Thank you!"

Product: Shadows & Light Shadow Work Journal

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