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Give the gift of choice with Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections Gift Cards! 

(Learn More Here)

Tarot and Oracle/Message Decks are now available for purchase directly on our website!
Discounted Bundles, Spiritual Surprise Boxes, Zodiac Mugs,

Wish Bracelets, and other goodies are still available in our Etsy shop!
(click the link above to learn more or read our products' 5-star reviews!)

New Products

Guided Meditations

Connect with your higher-self and spirit team for deep healing and activation in two new guided meditations!

Learn more here: Meditations

Manifestation Kit

Align to the life of your dreams!

Learn more here: Lifestyle Series


Healing & Harmony Activation Series

Purchase a specific session or get the full series 

at a discounted price!

Learn more here: Healing & Harmony


The Tarot in Translation 2023 Tarot Planner is Now Available!

(with Bonus Blank Tarot Planner Bundle included!)

Get it here: Tarot in Translation


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Get even more with the Tarot in Translation series!

 Courses, planners, guides, cheat sheets, art, and much more!

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