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Discover more with these sacred spaces dedicated to empowering you along your soul growth journey!

Whether you've been on the spiritual path for a while and want higher-level guidance or you're new to the journey, this sacred space has everything you need to help connect you back to yourself and the divine source within you.


Join us for meditations and transmissions, workshops and courses, and our free resource library.


We have everything you need to connect to your ascension journey!

Unlock your psychic gifts, level-up in your spiritual practice or soul journey, and let your intuition guide you as you learn the art of reading Tarot from the heart! 

Dive deeper into your practice of Tarot with our original Tarot in Translation message and Tarot decks, the helpful pocket guide, tarot planners, online courses and workbooks, and more!​

Explore everything Tarot in Translation has to offer!


Ready to dive deeper along your spiritual journey?

From healing resources to inclusive learning tools, our programs are designed to connect you to your soul path in easy and intuitive ways! 

Find these programs and more in in our Ascension Connections and Tarot in Translation portals!

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