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  • Susan Dawn

Twin Flame Confessions: Harmony Abounds

Divine Masculine (Top), Divine Feminine (Bottom)

My divine counterpart and I spent the entirety of the weekend together. It was (mostly) harmonious and filled with nothing but joy and love. The truth is, although my life has been blessed with love in many ways, I’ve never experienced the depth that this friendship/relationship/connection has shown me. For the longest time, I didn’t think I could experience such love—that it didn’t exist for me or I wasn’t deserving of it. But the more I’ve healed and grown to love myself— the more I understand the sacredness of who we are—the more I feel certain that this love is the love we are all ascending to.

My new tarot deck (The Arcanum Tarot) came in the mail this weekend. This morning I had a chance to open it and play a little. After shuffling the cards, I did a spread for my divine masculine and myself. These beauties popped right out, in seemingly perfect alignment with what I’m feeling, of how our connection has blossomed, for how we’ve both been growing and healing—and with that growth and healing, coming closer into a place of divine love together. Still healing to do. Still growth to happen. But these cards give me hope for us and remind me to keep having faith—in myself, in the love between us, and in this journey.


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