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  • Susan Dawn

Do You Trust Me?

I feel like I want to cry with relief for this new moon eclipse tonight that promises a wave of new beginnings over these next six months (check out the today’s shared posts on Facebook for more) because that’s exactly what I woke up feeling—relief. Relief that the old is fading away so that I can welcome in the new.

For the past month or so, I’ve felt that new beginning hovering right above me, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting its presence—to release the old and welcome in all the new that these transformations and healings have brought forth.

This has been a difficult six months full of ups and downs, chaos and clarity and infuriating bouts of stagnation as I learned hard lessons and made decisions to move my life forward out of my own self-love. That’s what I learned here on this journey—that self-love doesn’t equate to selfishness. Instead it’s a necessity for life, for waking up to who you are. Consequently, the more self-love you have, the more selfless you’re able to become.

Imagine that.

So here I am, feeling relief at putting the past six months and anything that doesn’t vibe with me anymore behind me. Does it hurt to let go? Hell yes. But I’m no longer looking at it as letting go. That feels too harsh, feels too strong. Instead I’m letting it be, allowing my life to flow where it needs to go. I’ve learned to release control and to fully surrender—a process that I’m still integrating but that is becoming easier day by day.

I’m learning how to trust in the universe now, how to take those leaps of faith when nudged, and how to move forward without fear but in love—knowing that the universe always has my best interest at heart because we are a team, the universe and I. Always co-creating with an infinitely-loving universe, and what a pair we make.

It’s hard to let go of what we become attached to, what we love. Like this little girl in the meme below, I don’t need something bigger. I want what is mine. I want what is safe, what is comfortable, what I know and already cherish. But that is what God is promising me. Release your hold and what is truly yours and meant to be yours will come to you, and it will cherish you as you cherish it.

Have faith, the universe whispers. Trust me, God says.

So I do.


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