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  • Susan Dawn

Invoking the Sacred

Since early November, I've been channeling that we're going through a profound internal process that would see an energetic shift beginning in February and beyond. While we experience many instances of rebirth throughout our ascension journey, this one has profound implications for the individual and the collective and is seen as a turning point with an anchoring in of the higher-integrated self. This would then be experienced as a "sunburst" of expanded energy and potential.

Personally, while I've been channeling this information, I didn't know what it would look like or how it would play out. I never do. That's where I have to trust myself and what comes through and where I've had my doubts and uncertainty along the way. This is where I also have self-compassion--because I'm human, too, experiencing this evolutionary journey along with everyone else. There are many collective roads to ascension, and each collective road, too, contains a personal path. These channelings and this work has been mine.

So when January came along and I began to feel this profound process taking root, I allowed myself to surrender. I went into my hobbit hole and hibernated. I spent time journaling and reading and communing with God. I didn't analyze. I didn't try to figure it out. I allowed myself to sit with the uncertainty, having faith that more would be revealed. Little by little, I was shown pieces--and those pieces I shared with the collective as well as I could, all the while still unable to fully articulate everything I was intuitively and energetically understanding, even while receiving more pieces, still, through collective readings and channelings. 

"Life is messy," God said to me one day as I considered if an action I was guided to take was coming from my ego or my heart. I chose to have faith in where I was being led, feeling unprepared but anchoring that faith into my heart. Life is messy because we're human. But I've learned that this humility and faith are the tools God gives us to navigate our humanity. 

It feels like I've lived a lifetime in just a few short weeks. It feels like I've lived many lifetimes along this spiritual journey. In truth, I have. When I look back to who I was as a little girl, speaking to angels while sitting on the carpet of my childhood bedroom, and then to the young adult who let her heart guide her to the sacred mountains of southern France where she was introduced to metaphysical topics and energy work, and then to the young woman who was brought into the catacombs of her own darkness through illness and who turned that into purpose, and then face to face with her soul's recognition of the beloved as she was activated to this ascension journey, I can see how everything is interconnected. I can see the thousand ways she died and the thousand ways she was born again. 

I can see how that was experienced once more. 

This month, I've been undergoing a profound consciousness shift not unlike the one that began my ascension journey seven years ago, and although there have been many expansions and transformations between then and now, this is accompanied by an integration that has settled into my soul. It's one thing to understand concepts and have intellectual wisdom. It's quite another to have it anchored in and feel it as every fiber of your very being. 

But this is what we're here for. This is our ascension as the bridge between the spiritual and the human--to anchor in our higher-self in physical embodiment. This is the path that every single one of us takes, and sometimes the road looks the same and sometimes it looks a little different, but it's all part of the one journey: recognition of the sacred within the higher-heart. 

My own journey has led me to understanding my true sacredness as I've stepped into womanhood these past six months as I've never before experienced. It's the Divine Feminine energy of the open and softened heart with a fierce and formidable strength that over the course of my lifetime I've recognized in fractals of myself, but never in wholeness like this. It's an honoring of myself that I've never before experienced, and with each push from the Universe, I've gone deeper and deeper within. Throughout my ascension, I didn't just look at my shadows, I journeyed to the Underworld of myself. I crawled through the trauma, dug through every fear and vulnerability, and then I did it again and again, going deeper with every layer until I found more light within. With that guiding light, I continue this process even now and forever, with renewed strength and courage and faith.

Nothing is outside of me. Not the darkness, not the light. Not the world, not the Universe. Not the illusion of hell, not the verity of heaven. Not my beloved. We are all fragments of the one Divine Mother/Father source, and everyone I encounter is a part of me as I am a part of them. 

Alfred, Lord Tennyson once wrote in his poem, Ulysses, "I am a part of all I have met." I've carried that line in my heart since I read it nearly 25 years ago, but I didn't fully understand it in this way until now. This, too, is the grace of our ascension journey--for all we know, there is more to know, with greater understanding and deeper meaning. 

We are past versions, present versions, and future versions of each other; hidden versions, shadowed versions, spotlighted versions, and effulgent versions. We are all part of each other, having our own unique experiences with our own unique personalities, reflecting these unique aspects of ourselves to ourselves. God, how can we not love each other now? 

Then there is the beloved, the sacred partner. Lord knows, I've understood it intellectually--I've been channeling and guided to share on it for these many years, and definitely not because I wanted to or because this is how I pictured my life going...

The Vesica Pisces at Chalice Well, Glastonbury

I've experienced this in seemingly nondescript moments along my journey, and only through this journey do I see the connecting pieces of how it all adds up: I experienced it way back in 2014 in a group meditation where others were following the guidance of a past-life regression, and I found myself sitting on a simple stone bench. When I looked up, there he was, doing a little jig to make me laugh before sitting beside me. We held each other in that silence for the whole of the session, a love I've never felt before overwhelming me to the point of tears. I felt the spark of it one nondescript night when I turned around and looked into the eyes of someone I've known my whole life, but never really knew, a sacred bubble wrapping around us and time standing still. I felt it throughout my journey as a call to follow, and I did the best I could from the level of consciousness I was at then and how I've grown since. Something shifted again this past September in Glastonbury, when I felt the sacred masculine energy merge within me as homecoming. I feel it now--anchored into my heart like it had never been anywhere else. I know that this is what I have felt for my whole life, but that I never truly recognized or understood. The Divine Masculine is also part of me and always has been, and this sacred path we walk, we don't ever walk alone. 

Life is messy because we are human, and that is also the glorious grace and beauty of life itself. Honoring the tenets of sacred connections with ourselves and with each other, we ground that unity into physical form. It's not perfect, but it doesn't have to be. It's a process--one that through radical honesty, a container of mutual safety and compassion, and heart-to-heart recognition we continue to evolve. 

Over the past year, I've been in battle within my own ego versus my soul, not understanding how aspects of my physical world could play out as it has when my heart, my intuition, always told me differently. I've learned that it's not about ignoring our physical world--that's a dangerous precedent that leads to spiritual ungroundedness. Rather, it's about acceptance, surrender, trust, faith, and personal embodiment--and the delicate balance that is finding that middle way. It's about always having the courage to look within at what's being reflected--either individually or collectively while remembering that one is part of the all. It's about anchoring into the union within, with your beloved, and with God.

This is where true alchemy begins.

I may not understand all the hows and whys of the physical, 3D world. That's been my frustration to surrender over the course of my lifetime. But I know where I started on this journey, and I know where I am now.

I believe in the sacred masculine.

I believe in the sacred feminine.

I believe in sacred union. 

* * * * *

If you've made it this far in this writing, there's a bit more I want to share...

I'm well-aware that I'm not a traditional twin flame reader or coach or guide. I've never wanted to be because that's not who I am, and I say that without judgement and with all respect to those who are, as I've learned from others, too, along this path. I always say that everyone has a piece of the puzzle, everyone has a part to play, and I'm just simply understanding and affirming mine.

I am me--ever-evolving me--and it's been my sacred promise with myself and with God to continue to grow into all that I am. I am not infallible. I am not perfect. I make mistakes, I get in my ego, and I have to practice bringing to light what is unconscious and remember to shift the patterns every single day. Some days I'm going to feel everything deeply and reflect or meditate or pray. Some days I'm going to be a goofy human who wants to run outside and play or hide in her hobbit hole and rewatch all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother. There are times I'll nail this practicing compassion and embodying love thing, and there are times I'll get it wrong and act like an unconscious asshole. I'm sorry for that. My vow has been and will always be to keep trying to be the best version of myself I can be in the fullness of the many layers that I am.

I live from my heart, and that filters into my work. I have always been here, sharing pieces of my heart and my own experiences as someone on this journey, too. And just like my own journey has evolved, so has my work. I can't explain it, I can't excuse it, and I definitely can't keep fighting it. This is where my heart is. This is where my journey has led me, and it's leading me still.

Our work is going to go even deeper into the unifying energies that is sacred union and higher-heart ascension. However, we never want to ignore the human-ness of it all and how to navigate the beautiful messiness of life that we are here to experience. This is why I'm so passionate about grounded, holistic spirituality and how to apply these concepts to "real world" conscious connections. You may see this reflected more in my work going forward, but as always, we'll discover that road together.

If you'd like to join me, I'd love to continue to journey with you.


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