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Sacred Union Channelings


These channelings offer in-depth, higher-level teachings and messages for the sacred union path of ascension. These teachings will be especially resonate for those experiencing a twin flame/divine counterpart connection or those who are seeking a greater understanding of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies.


For more teachings regarding sacred partnerships, including in-depth energy updates for your sacred journey, and powerful message highlights regarding the sacred union path of ascension, don't miss the Collective Messages playlist on my main channel, Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections.

To view more of our energy readings and sacred channelings,

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Want the highlights for your journey to union?

This video bundle was compiled to bring you our most relevant sacred union path of ascension channelings in one spot with each video carefully curated to help you get the most of your journey. Plus, each video has been edited for time highlighting the most pertinent information so you'll easily get what you need! 

Separate categories makes it easy to choose which one calls to you at any given point on your path: Sacred Channelings, Special Messages, and Quick Guidance, with added exercises for you to use freely as part of your soul growth journey.

Get it all with Journey to Union!

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