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Dive deeper with sacred channelings, group transmissions and meditations, and live webinars and workshops in our Soul Sessions Courses & Workshops as part of our Ascension Connections program of higher learning!


Ranging in topics from the sacred union path of ascension to navigating your spiritual awakening, these courses, webinars and workshops, and channeling bundles are all-inclusive, providing resources and guidance for your expansion journey. 

Missed a live webinar or workshop but still want the info? Get the replay!

Soul Sessions Courses & Workshops

Are you ready to illuminate your sacred union path?
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This video bundle was compiled to bring you our most relevant sacred union path of ascension channelings in one spot with each video carefully curated to help you get the most of your journey. Plus, each video has been edited for time highlighting the most pertinent information so you'll easily get what you need!

We've also split the videos into separate categories so you can choose which one calls to you at any given point on your path: Sacred Channelings, Special Messages, and Quick Guidance, with added exercises for you to use freely as part of your soul growth journey. These videos can be watched in order or by subject/title as your intuition guides you. 


In this bundle, you'll get 40 videos consisting of over 15.5 hours of content plus lifetime access with additional content as it pertains to your sacred union journey. Don't forget the bonus Alchemy of Love Twin Flame Workbook!

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During the process of spiritual ascension, we're called to awaken to a deeper level of conscious awareness not only of the world around us but within ourselves. Ascension challenges us to see beyond the illusory veil of the physical world that we once identified with in order to understand the sacred essence of our soul. Part of that understanding comes from seeing beyond the duality, integrating the dark and the light.

Shadow work is this internal self-study of repressed or hidden aspects of ourselves that we may have previously rejected and judged as "dark" or "bad" in the lower-consciousness world of duality. The more we recognize these aspects and draw them to the surface with compassion and care, integrating both the light and dark, positive and negative aspects of ourselves, the better we are able to connect with the wholeness of who we are, heal our subconscious projection on others, and live with full authentic and conscious awareness of self.


In this recorded hour-long webinar, we dive deep into understanding shadow work, covering:


• What is shadow work, what are its benefits, and how do we integrate this as part of our ascension journey?

• What are triggers and how do they assist our inner growth?

• How emotional intimacy with ourselves creates a shift in our consciousness

• How conscious awareness creates healing of our rejected or shadowed aspects for healing within our physical experiences

• Shadow work exercises, including:

     - Exploring emotional self-intimacy with the emotions wheel
     - Mirror exercise for understanding the reflections in connections
     - Mirror exercise for self-love and seeing your soul essence
     - Visualization techniques to stop negative self-talk

     and more tips and tools!


This webinar also includes a digital download of our Shadows & Light Shadow Work Journal for continued support!

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Understand the truth of twin flames and the sacred union path of ascension in this comprehensive workshop!

This comprehensive channeling combines all of our knowledge, experience, and channeling about twin flames/sacred partners, the healing journey, and the sacred union path of ascension in one digestible workshop. Curated from over five years of experience and hundreds of sacred channelings and readings, this workshop focuses on the ascension relationship and spiritual partnership known as "twin flames."


In this recorded three-hour workshop, we dive deep into topics covering:


• What are Twin Flames and the Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine Energies?

• What is Ascension & The Sacred Union Path of Ascension?

• The Healing Journey & Core Wounds

• Karmic Partners & Situations

• Twin Flame Separation

• Sacred Union

• Soul Mission

• and more!


This workshop also includes a powerful group Angel Aura Energy Healing focused on clearing separation and embracing unity consciousness.

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