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Have you ever had the feeling that you don't belong on Earth--like you're out of time or place and feeling an inexplicable homesickness for elsewhere? Do you have a strong connection to or affinity for the stars and planets within the vast universe? If so, your soul might be remembering its true origins on a distant planet or in another galaxy. 


Starseeds are highly-evolved souls who originate from another star system, incarnating onto Earth later in their soul's evolution with the blueprint of more ascended planets and galaxies to help the planet raise its own consciousness and shift dimensions for the creation of a new golden age. In this STARSEED CONNECTIONS GUIDE, you'll learn more about some of the more well-known star-beings and traits that might carry over to you as a Starseed. This digital download contains 8 guides to help you get to know various beings and your potential Starseed traits and origins.


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Here's what you'll get:


• 8 Guide Pages
(features a brief introduction and common traits of the following star-beings):
- Andromedan
- Arcturian
- Avian
- Lyran
- Orion
- Pleiadian
- Sirian

This guide is meant to serve as an introduction to star-beings and yourself as a starseed. I encourage you to continue your research for more in-depth understanding of each star-being.


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Starseed Connections Guide (DIGITAL/PRINTABLE FILE)


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