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The Victorian era scenes in The Romantic Tarot are charged with the powerful energy of passion. Use the cards in this deck to seek answers to all your questions‚Äîabout love, life, relationships, and families. The power of love is so deep, you can even use it to gain unique perspectives on careers and personal finance. Set in Vienna, Paris, Venice, and London, these stunning images of ardor appeal to the amorous yearnings within us all.


Includes 78-card deck and guide booklet.



  • Excellent condition

Please refer to a web search for more images. Want pictures of the condition of the cards? Contact us!

The Romantic Tarot (Tarot Deck)

  • This item is pre-owned, which means it has been previously opened and used. Please refer to the indicated condition of the item in the description before purchasing. For questions or additional pictures of the item itself, please contact Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections.

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