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Welcome to Tarot in Translation! This downloadable self-study course book was created as a written alternative to my Tarot in Translation Online Course. This course book, based on the online video course, offers written lessons and helpful worksheets for learning the art of intuitive Tarot reading. 


Tarot is about more than memorizing the meanings of the cards and repeating others’ interpretations. It’s also more than fortune-telling. Reading Tarot is about opening up your intuition to access the deep, internal wisdom you already hold within so that you can make choices that empower, embolden, and encourage you on your journey to create a joyful, abundant, and love-filled life. 


This is the art of intuitive Tarot. 


There are no wrong answers when you’re trusting your intuition and following your internal wisdom—the guidance of your heart. 


Whether you want to open up to your psychic gifts, you want to access internal wisdom for your personal life, or you want to be of service to others in a spiritual practice, this course book is the first step in helping you unlock the wisdom of Tarot.




52 Course Pages, including: 


• Introduction to Tarot
• Tarot Basics
• Invoking the Oracle (Oracle Cards Vs. Tarot)
• Tarot Elements
• Tarot Spreads
• Reading the Cards
• The Art of Intuitive Tarot
• Reading for Others

20 Worksheets, including:

• What is Your Tarot Philosophy?
• Create Your Sacred Space
• Translating Symbolism
• Oracle Deck Wish List
• Create Your Own Tarot Spread
• What's Your Clair-Ability Quiz
• Intuitive Journal
and more




Tarot in Translation Arcana Sheets (as seen in my shop!)


To learn more about Tarot in Translation, including the full product series, please visit Tarot in Translation.


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This listing is for the digital, self-printable download version
This is a NON-editable PDF
For Personal Use Only
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- A4 - 8.3 x 11.7 inches / 210 x 297 mm
- A5 - 5.8 x 8.3 inches / 148 x 210 mm
- US Letter Size - 8.5 x 11 inches / 216 x 279 mm
- High Quality Digital PDF


Upon purchase of this collection, you'll receive a ZIP document in your email. Download this ZIP file for access to all print sizes and the bonus material.

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Tarot in Translation Self-Study Course Book (DIGITAL/PRINTABLE FILE)

  • *** This listing is for the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD/SELF-PRINTABLE TAROT IN TRANSLATION COURSE BOOK. This self-study course book is the written, printable alternative to the Tarot in Translation Online (Video) Course. For the video version of this course, which includes all of the lessons and worksheets included here plus additional bonus material, please visit ***


    For a sneak peek at the online video course, check out the free preview: Tarot in Translation Online Video Course.


    This self-study course book includes workbook pages and the Arcana Cheat Sheets as provided in the Tarot in Translation Online Video Course. However, the additional bonuses for the Online Video Course, such as the Tarot in Translation Community and Tarot in Translation Pocket Guide Printable, are not included.

    Please carefully consider both options before purchase to see which learning method (online video course or this written course book) best suits you.

  • For the full terms and conditions and frequently asked questions, please visit our Terms and Conditions.

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