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  • Susan Dawn

What is Twin Flame Love?

Photo Credit: Unknown

Once I began to understand this, everything changed. Because I started to understand that it was coming from a place of the highest vibration of love.

Can you imagine that someone loves you so much that they only want you to heal and be the best you you can be while simultaneously accepting and loving all that you already are? That they’re reflecting back pieces of yourself that you’ve tried to hide, to suppress, out of fear or false beliefs that don’t serve who you are really meant to be?

I couldn’t. Because that was my block—that someone could love me so much that they would want to fight for me, that they would want to stay through all of my own wounding that still needed to be healed. That they would love the pieces that I didn’t yet love in myself. Yet there he was, showing me where I was wrong, reflecting back where I was failing to love myself. Showing me how much more there was to love.

This is divine love. This is God’s love. Healing and accepting and nurturing and forgiving all at once. This journey is infuriating when you’re forced to look in the mirror and see where you still have work to do...

But when you look in the mirror and see that love? How can it be anything but beautiful.


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