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  • Susan Dawn

Transcending Duality

I channeled the following transmission regarding Duality Consciousness in a personal session on May 20, 2020. Spirit reminded me of this in an Ascension Energy Update on YouTube. Stay tuned to an upcoming series on YouTube where we'll dive deeper into this and other ascension-related topics. The "goal" is not merely to transcend duality, but to understand that it is a merging of energies. You have come to experience duality throughout many lifetimes so that you might then know union and oneness with all living consciousness. To transcend duality is a misidentification as it means for your ascension. To transcend duality consciousness is to become aware of the merging of energies to create a third energy. This is trinity consciousness.

Father. Son. Holy Spirit.

Mother. Father. Child.

DivineMasculine. Divine Feminine. Source Energy.

The dualistic viewpoint of your past experience was one of separation. You are remembering not only union, but creation.


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