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  • Susan Dawn

Trust Your Intuition

One of the key components to the spiritual ascension journey is learning how to trust your intuition. But what does that mean?

Your intuition is located in the seat of the soul. It's the voice of your higher consciousness that remains balanced, steadfast, and in an energy of love while providing support and direction. While the ego likes to shout and direct through an energy of fear as a method of self-preservation and centuries of serving as a survival mechanism ("Don't do that or this will happen!"), the soul is a whisper of love guiding you gently along your journey.

Learning to discern between the ego and the soul-self is a key part of trusting your intuition. This is why knowing yourself is an integral aspect of your spiritual journey--the better you know yourself and the more aware of and connected you are to yourself, the more you trust yourself over other influences.

When you live your life according to the actions of others versus your own intuition ("He's doing that, so I should probably do this), you're giving another power over yourself by not listening and trusting in what is meant for YOU. This is creating separation within yourself. While others can have a positive influence on you through support, encouragement, and insight, trusting yourself and what resonates through following what your intuition is telling you is crucial.

Let's talk about the ego for a minute. The ego is not the enemy to ourselves. In fact, the ego is useful to us as we are still incarnated here in physical, human embodiment with personality and traits. But once we learn how to discern between ego and soul, we're able to begin embodying our higher self, which means the ego is no longer in control and directing our lives.

The ego is the wounded child and is where a lot of the programming (old beliefs, patterns, behaviors, coping mechanisms and addictions) are born. The more aware we become of this, the more we're able to recognize and quiet the egoic programming. The more the ego quiets, the better we can hear the whispers of our soul.

When learning to follow your intuition, ask yourself how you feel, using your body as its own GPS. Is your body tense, rigid, upset, fearful? Or are you calm, patient, and peace-filled even in the face of challenges? Even when you're following your intuition, you might feel uncertain and doubtful, but bring yourself back to center and ask yourself how it feels--physically, mentally, and emotionally. If it feels good and "right" for you without a knee-jerk emotional reaction, that's you connecting with your higher self versus the ego. The more you trust this, the better you'll get at understanding the messages your intuition is telling you to navigate your journey from the soul self.

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