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  • Susan Dawn

Embodying the Sacred Self

Note: This text is based off of channeled messages received during a collective reading for my YouTube channel. View the video here: Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections on YouTube.

We are relinquishing any of the subconscious soul sludge--blocks, false beliefs, anything that is keeping us from the light of ourselves, the love of ourselves, the soul of ourselves, anything keeping us from higher consciousness—and it hasn’t been easy. Spirit wants you to know how well you are doing. We have been going through changes spiritually wherein many are having third eye and crown chakra upgrades while others are experiencing throat chakra activations to help express personal truth and authenticity, becoming more vulnerable and intimate not just with yourself and your partner, but with the world as a whole in order to further your connection with yourself and Source energy.

Everything is an aspect of ourselves. That is, we are all aspects of each other. This is what we have been learning and experiencing on this journey and what unity consciousness is all about—the understanding that there is nothing separate from us. There is no “world out there,” there is no other. It is all one because we are all made of the same Source energy; therefore, since we are all aspects of Source, we are all aspects of each other. Any person, situation, circumstance, or experience that you are seeing in your outside world is for the reminder that we are all connected, returning to the energy of love, of oneness, of unity.

To repeat, it hasn’t been easy. Spirit is coming forth and saying, “well done.” You are doing the work. They have heard your prayers, they have heard your calls, they have heard your cries for support. Know that you have been receiving that support, but it has been up to you to believe in that, to trust in that. They are very proud for how far you’ve come. They ask you to take a moment now and look back at how far you’ve come on your journey. Even if it feels like you’ve been regressing, even if it feels like you’ve been pulled down into a lower state of consciousness, acknowledge how far you’ve come. There is no going back. What has been shifted cannot be undone. What has been learned cannot be unlearned. Once you have remembered, you will not forget again. Bring yourself back to the present moment. The here and the now is where your power is if you feel as if you’re struggling. It’s where you have the opportunity to shift into your highest and best timeline. It’s where you have been experiencing just that. You might not be fully conscious of the work that you’ve been doing, that you have been shifting into these higher timelines. It’s not just through meditations and energy healing that the shifts and growth is happening. It’s through the everyday living where you do most of your work—through the experiences you’re having that bring to your awareness to where there’s an old pattern, old conditioning or habit or toxic energy that still needs to be cleared. You are shifting and clearing with others through the experiences you have and the situations you share. This is where the majority of the anchoring and integration occurs. This is where you can really see how far you’ve come—by consciously bringing to your awareness the old and choosing your highest embodiment of the self and of the light, especially in the face of shadows.

The shadow isn't negative. In truth, that's just more dualistic thinking: good/bad, right/wrong, positive/negative. It all creates the whole. Hot and cold is just a polarity of temperature. Right and wrong are just a polarity of experience. Masculine and feminine are just a polarity of the whole. Everything plays its part. This is what we’re experiencing—this overcoming of separation and coming into wholeness. But everything occurs within the self first.

Everything outside of ourselves is the projection, just an aspect of ourselves. To not just understand this intellectually but to feel this and embody this in our everyday life is where the true self-mastery is born. So many of us have been experiencing difficult changes, transformations, and been a crumbling down in what seem like tower moments in our external world, requiring leaps of faith or renewal of faith. This is asking us to see past the illusion of the separate self. An illusion isn’t pretend. Illusion is recognizing there is more going on that we can see with our physical eyes. This is where we listen to the soul, trust in our intuition. The external, physical reality is the projection, the hologram, the illusion. That’s not to say it’s fake. It’s, in fact, very real in its tangibility, in our ability to feel it. But we create it. And that’s what the illusion is—the old paradigm and conditioning that made us believe that we are separate from the universe, that our physical reality and circumstances are out of our control, to believe that we aren’t part of its creation. You are a part of its creation. This is where you’re taking back your power, your sovereignty. This is where you are rising and becoming the embodiment of your higher self—your higher self being one who is able to manifest, who is able to create, not just for yourself but in co-creative partnership with each other, with the world.

Everything is currently shifting and changing both on a macrocosmic and microcosmic level. This is alignment on a universal level. These shifts and changes as understood within the human experience are not comfortable to the egoic self which finds comfort in the familiar. But this is where we are called to have faith and believe in a higher purpose. Just because we’re unable to see the inner workings for the how and the why just yet does not mean we are not a part of its co-creation. Turn to the present moment. Turn to gratitude and appreciation to anchor into higher vibrations, which then helps to usher in positive alignment. You’re being called now to hold the light and be the light.

Stay strong and steady in your truth—in knowing who you are as a soul, as a lightworker, as a wayshower paving the path forward.


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