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  • Susan Dawn

Twin Flame Energy Update: October 16, 2018 (Divine Masculine)

Want more? Watch the full collective energy update video here on our YouTube channel!

Divine Masculine Channeled Message

The DM has leveled up recently with positive, vibrant energy. The masculine has had what seems to be a rebirth, coming more into alignment with their authentic soul self and thus coming into alignment with their divine counterpart. Whether or not they have had a previous spiritual awakening, they are now awakening to their connection to the divine, to themselves, and to their feminine counterpart, opening up to the love that is there and the understanding that they are deserving of such love. The masculine has come into more stability, security, and balance with their life and in themselves, realizing that they can have such balance and love with their counterpart as well. They are experiencing a new beginning in their physical world, experiencing the mental clarity and desire to come into greater harmony with their counterpart—including the possibility of romantic intentions. The divine masculine is realizing that they are deserving of everything they wish to manifest, everything they desire, including a relationship with their divine feminine. They have broken through what has previously held them back, including past heartache and a feeling of lack. With greater stability and balance, they are able to see the truth of their situation, what they wish for their life moving forward, and are willing to create this new beginning. Want a personal reading? Book now!


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