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  • Susan Dawn

Twin Flame Energy Update: October 11, 2018

Divine Masculine (Left), Divine Feminine (Right)

Want more? Watch the full collective energy update video on our YouTube channel!

Divine Masculine Channeled Message

The DM has been expanding and opening up to love as they continue their own healing work. Love is blossoming in their hearts, entangling with that of the divine feminine as the two counterparts continue on the journey to greater harmony and unconditional love. The masculine has been experiencing an expansion of consciousness and understanding of the connection they feel for their divine feminine, especially as they come more fully into an understanding of themselves. Whether they are already doing so physically or are experiencing the pull on a subconscious level, the divine masculine wants to reach out to their counterpart, possibly with more communication or renewed commitment, a desire to make the effort and cement the relationship in some form. The divine masculine feels more untethered than in the recent past, especially with regards to their counterpart. They are feeling a freedom in who they are and in the love that they deserve. As such, they are more willing to embrace this love from their divine counterpart. The masculine’s consciousness has expanded to the point wherein they feel ready to embrace the love they feel for their counterpart and themselves, with more mental clarity, passion, and a willingness to move forward. However, although in their minds they are wanting to set things in motion, there is still some hesitancy that may be preventing them from taking physical action. Further growth and healing will help to break through these bocks. Although in the past they have felt they couldn’t put forth the effort because they didn’t love themselves enough, thus questioning how they could love their counterpart as they deserved to be loved, the energy has shifted, creating a lightness in their souls. The divine masculine is becoming more willing to reach out their hand to take the next step towards love and their feminine counterpart.

Divine Feminine Channeled Message

The DF is stepping into the light of their true authentic self, merging their physical, outward self with who they are on a soul level. By unmasking the layers and putting forth the effort into their own healing, they have come into a greater lightness of being in recent times. As the feminine falls more fully into themselves, the masculine as their mirror rises up to meet them. Similar to their counterpart, the feminine has a newfound sense of freedom, free-spiritedness, and transformation. They feel as if they are at the beginning of a new journey—or at the very least, at the beginning of a new phase of life. They are filled with positive energy, as if the world is their oyster and anything can happen. The feminine is ready to move forward into this energy and embrace this new beginning, especially as it relates to their relationship with their own soul-self and with their divine counterpart. As they continue their healing journey, they are experiencing breakthroughs and coming more fully into who they are on a soul level, thus are they coming more into harmony with their masculine. Transformations are occurring at an almost-accelerated rate due to the healing and growth the feminine has been actively taking part in. They have been anchoring into a high-vibrational energy and coming more into alignment with themselves, unmasking who they are on the 3D as they merge with who they are on a soul level, creating a feeling of freedom and forward motion. Want a personal reading? Book now!


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