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  • Susan Dawn

Twin Flame Energy Update: October 5, 2018

Divine Feminine (Left), Divine Masculine (Right)

Divine Masculine Channeled Message

The DM is opening up their heart chakra and coming into greater alignment with love and with themselves, rising up to meet their feminine counterpart as their counterpart continues to hold space for them. While it may not seem it on the physical, 3D plane, the masculine holds so much love for their divine counterpart and is actively healing and pursuing their own growth. As the divine feminine rises more into their true self, so does the masculine follow. Hold space and continue to keep love and compassion in the heart. Feel their love for their feminine there. Their healing is accelerating and their heart chakra is opening as they come into greater acceptance of love for you, their divine counterpart, and love for themselves.

Divine Feminine Channeled Message

It feels as if battles have been waged between the divine feminine and the divine masculine in the recent past, leaving the divine feminine feeling depleted and somewhat defeated. But see the truth of the situation: the divine masculine is the mirror, showing the feminine facets of themselves for healing. Take the time to rest and rejuvenate. Go inward and feel the love that your masculine holds for you. Pull back and look at the journey from a higher perspective to see that all has been charted with the loving intention of learning, healing, and soul growth. Your divine masculine is showing you the strength you hold inside of yourself, encouraging you to rise so that they may follow and come into balance with you. As you hold space for your divine counterpart, remember to hold compassion and love for yourself as well. Self-care is vital on this journey as we ascend to higher levels of unconditional love.

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