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  • Susan Dawn

The Illusion of Time

Time feels heavy today.

That was the thought that passed through my mind as I was struggling to wake up from a morning nap. Yep. Morning nap. A friend is feeling energized but lacking motivation while I'm feeling motivated but lacking the energy. If you fall into these two camps, this message might be for you...

When I tuned more into this energy and message, I began to understand the fatigue that I'm feeling. Spirit told me that this was yet another layer of collective clearing: this time, around the illusion of Time.

Time itself exists in the abstract and is part of our human experience, but the linear nature by which we know Time is a man-made construct. In fact, we are timeless souls and multi-dimensional beings. As such, all variations of Time (past, present, future) exists and are playing out at once--and we are a part of it. Many of us experienced a massive internal shift sometime in these last several weeks in which it felt like there was a rebirth. This energy has been carrying over as we transition from shedding the old layers into embodying the new.

With this shift, which is being felt collectively as the whole planet is part of the ascension process and is experiencing this on some level, we are simultaneously clearing old timelines and moving into new and higher time streams (known as "timeline jumping"). As you shift into higher and higher consciousness, the lower vibrational, dense timelines of pain, suffering, and trauma fade away and more higher vibrational timelines of abundance, joy, and peace become available for your creation.

Indeed, several weeks ago (and in today's Daily Energy Draw, "Remember the Joy," they're reminding me) we talked about how this is meant to be your playground, not a realm of suffering.

If you're experiencing this shedding of the illusion of Time, you might be experiencing some of the following:

- An overall heavy energy or feeling like the world (or Time itself) is closing in on you

- A "watching of the clock," feeling like hours have passed when it's been only minutes

- An overwhelming sense of anxiety around impending appointments, plans, scheduling, etc for no reason other than the sense of needing to be "on time"

- Feelings of confusion or a lost energy when it comes to the concept of Time

Allow yourself to go with the flow of this energy. Don't fear it and don't resist it. Your entire energy field is being upgraded to a new way of being within the human experience and your physical body and mind is adjusting.

If you're called to sleep more, allow yourself that rest. You will be doing a lot of work astrally to assist with this transition.

What this looks like on the other side of this transition, I have no idea and can't yet say. I'll dive deeper into this message and share more of my own personal experience and channelings on my YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

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Much love,



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