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  • Susan Dawn

August Ascension Energy Update


Happy August! Leo season is coming in with a roar! We're in the Lion's Gate corridor--a gateway that leads to the peak date of 8/8 when the star Sirius, our spiritual sun, is in alignment with the Earth. We're clearing deep collective programming and individual trauma during this gateway as we're also in the energy of one of the most powerful manifestation portals of the year. It's an open doorway of higher consciousness that will have a ripple effect on our physical world; that is, the energy that we're aligned with has the potential to create the next phase or chapter of our life.

As I channeled recently, and which we'll go more in depth with on my YouTube channels this month, “the lion and the lamb are merging.” This is a union of energies both within and without, bridging separation and creating the foundation for oneness and unity. We're stepping out of the repeating patterns of the ancient mind and entering the sacred heart, creating balance within the harmonic frequencies of the soul.

For months, we've been picking up on an energy of forward momentum, and that forward momentum is picking up energetic speed--much like a snowball effect. This energy began to increase with the summer solstice and will continue until the winter solstice (for those in the southern hemisphere, simply reverse the seasons). While you may be experiencing some Tower moments, you're also receiving more clarity, insight, higher-level connection to yourself and the divine, and major breakthroughs for your individual ascension journey. That is what this supportive energy is for. Timelines are merging and converging into a state of presence wherein only the now exists. You might experience this first as a state of confusion as you feel the non-linearity of time. This is simply your multidimensional-self anchoring in and integrating more into your physical embodiment.

You might also recognize that you're closing out cycles, phases, or chapters of your past--as such, the past feels completely foreign. Who you were a day ago, a week ago, and especially a year or more ago feels like a past lifetime all of its own. You might not recognize yourself even when watching old videos or looking at old pictures, and this shift may transfer to your experience with others or the experience others have with you. This is because your frequency has shifted so high and into such a different state of consciousness that you're operating on an entirely new bandwidth. This is having a profound effect on your physical world, though those manifestations will be seen in subtle ways before picking up more momentum, as previously discussed. This is because as you anchor in and integrate this new embodiment, your physical world aligns or catches up to the new energy.

Good things are coming. Even though the outer world may look like chaos, there is a divine order and balance being restored. Maintain your highest vibration and hold the light as best you can without being pulled into old programs or patterns. This doesn't mean you're infallible. Instead, allow yourself to become aware when you feel an energetic shift into a lower vibration and do what you can to self-nurture, self-care, and receive support from your soul family to shift back. Continue to take action in your life with your higher-heart guidance.

The Lion's Gate portal will begin to see more of this higher alignment taking shape in physical form.


Divine Masculine has been in a hermit energy for the latter half of July--shielding the feminine as he continues his ascension into deeper awareness of his journey into himself. Past-Life Reviews--that is, who he was before his ascension--is being experienced, which is leading to multiple Tower moments and mini Dark Nights of the Souls that will culminate with the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11 as a big cosmic push from the Universe (particularly as the Lion's Gate portal will be closing).

The Divine Masculine is experiencing his initiation into his own self-mastery--can he hold and maintain this higher frequency? Can he step into full consciousness within balance of his feminine and masculine energies? Can he trust in his heart-driven insight versus his ego while taking intuitive action?

Divine Masculine is being directed into a new phase of not only his emotional and spiritual lives, but his physical life as well. The more he consciously shifts the old social conditioning that he was collectively born into--suppression of expression, egoic power and control initiatives, lacking in purpose, passion, and direction, for example--the more he begins to embody his higher self. These initiations are asking him to dive deep into his shadow self and look at where he was holding himself back by letting others control him, not taking responsibility for his actions, behaviors, or life, or overall lacking in self-awareness. Awareness can be a painful process, but these Divine Masculines recognize that this is where the growth and expansion happens and to move through it is to transcend to a different and more authentic version of self.

As channeled in July, relationships are highlighted with this 8/8 portal. Where he was holding back out of fear, Divine Masculine is being asked to confront and take a significant step forward--this could be in communication, expression, effort, or commitment, depending on each individual journey. Triggers are being experienced wherein he is seeing the potential of what is possible if he embodies his highest self, asking him to evaluate how he shows up in relationship with himself and with others—is he consistently present, stable, and secure? The conscious masculine will recognize these triggers and Tower moments as the catalyst for growth, expansion, and breakthrough as they were designed to be.

When it comes to the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine is opening his heart and continuing to see his counterpart in a new light. I'm hearing, "he's seeing her for all she is and all she's always been." Now Divine Masculine is seeing her in her divinity and loving essence, without the self-created projections. This is because he’s beginning to see his own love and divinity reflected back within himself. The past few months he has been diving inward in atonement as he became aware of all the ways he abandoned, neglected, and rejected the feminine energy both within himself and his embodied counterpart. He is now continuing to see how his own past experiences with distorted feminine energy (mother figures, past relationships) skewed his perception of what feminine energy truly is, thus when he encountered the Divine Feminine, he denied her.

There's a more compassionate and loving energy coming in this month that will continue through the end of the year in which he is honoring his Divine Feminine and beginning to trust in himself, his counterpart, and the connection itself. Much of this energy is carryover from July, though strides in reconciliations, reconnections, and communication will be made on behalf of the Divine Masculine out of desire to reunite with his counterpart in embodiment of his higher self.


Divine Feminine is in a brand-new energy that may be surprising even her! It is complete goddess and Empress energy unlike anything experienced before--a testament to the work she’s done, the self-mastery and empowerment she’s claimed, and the higher frequency she’s held even as the illusions of the physical world became thick and veiled. July saw struggle for the Divine Feminine on her journey--particularly where she was trusting themselves, her connection to GodSource, and her sacred path. Like the Divine Masculine, this was an initiation for the Divine Feminine to anchor in and integrate not just her higher self but a new and higher timeline as a result of her transformation.

As we had been channeling, Divine Feminine has been experiencing Full Circle Moments--a return to old timelines, connections, situations, and experiences that shows her how far she’s come on her journey as she embraces this new version of herself. There's a sense of "tweaking" this new embodiment as she’s challenged with the past—does she repeat an old pattern or shift out of her wounded predictions and into a place wherein she’s honoring herself?

For many, there have been firm conclusions of her past--a chapter closing out, a journey coming to an end. Again, this is the before and after of who she was--a distinct and recognizable difference in her energetic frequency. No longer is she abandoning, neglecting, or rejecting herself as she once did in her wounded state. With newfound empowerment and self-mastery, portrayed within the container of the compassionate and nurturing feminine essence—she is shifting into the new. With each ending comes a new beginning. Divine Feminine is trusting her new path with a sense of excitement, anticipation, and faith in the divine unfolding of her sacred dreams.

When it comes to her Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine may have ended a major cycle or phase of her own ascension journey in which she was still holding onto a past version of herself, her Divine Masculine, and the connection which was holding her back from anchoring in the embodiment of her true self and thus preventing her manifestations from aligning. She may still be experiencing some confusion and doubt when it comes to her sacred journey with her Divine Masculine--particularly when it comes to how that plays out in her 3D world. However, she's choosing the path of love and keeping an open heart for however that unfolds.

Energetically, there is a reconnection and recalibration that continues to occur for these counterparts. Divine Feminine may be experiencing an influx of phenomena such as she encountered during the beginning of her journey (signs, synchronicities, spiritual downloads, etc) that might be drawing her to the journey again. This isn't something to fear or avoid, as this isn't the wounded journey as experienced in the past. This is higher-heart ascension that is aligning the healed and divine counterparts in union with each other.


More clarity and understanding of the sacred self and this soul connection is coming through to both counterparts. Though how it all unfolds, particularly in the 3D, is still veiled, there's a new layer of trust that's being brought forth within a state of presence. That is, both counterparts are following their guidance for the next step versus expecting or fearing the long road ahead. They are understanding that they are creators of their reality, able to shift timelines to their highest good for the collective purpose of ascension and love. Energetically, they are paving the path together towards New Earth that others will follow--a path of love, harmony, and unity consciousness.

In the physical world, counterparts may continue to experience their individual ascension journey to align further to union. This might look like physical separation, but more than ever, counterparts are recognizing that they always have been in union with each other and it was the veil of illusion that they have been healing and dispelling. Physical separation allows both counterparts to step onto their highest timelines, in their highest embodiments, to meet in the energy of love versus the energy of pain. It does feel as if more communication will be experienced in August, particularly after or around the Lion's Gate portal. There might be continued resistance--especially from the Divine Masculine--but loving expression from both will lead to expansion.

The last few months' words from Spirit still resonate: Enjoy the journey as it unfolds and allow yourself to be and receive the love that exists within this connection. I'm hearing, "the journey is part of the joy--don't miss it."

Be sure to tune into the Sacred Union Energy Updates and sacred channelings on my YouTube channel for more on sacred partnerships as the journey unfolds.


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