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  • Susan Dawn

Special Channeled Message: The Shift


Numerous shifts are occurring at this time within the collective and on this planet as we approach the pivotal year of 2020 in which this integration period of 2018 and 2019 has led the way to an anchoring in of fifth dimensional consciousness.

It’s important to remember and understand that 3D and 5D existence are merely planes of consciousness. As within so without is an amusing though not untrue catchphrase. What you experience within (a shift in consciousness to one of the higher vibrations of unconditional love, harmony, and unity) is then reflected in your outside world. Yes, you will still exist in the physical world until you choose to leave your physical body—your “vessel”—and become pure spirit once more. However, as you have already shifted into that realm of consciousness wherein you aren’t weighed down (“beholden”) by the dense energies of the third dimension even while experiencing life in human form, you will notice a shift in those experiences of your material world. For those embodying fifth dimensional consciousness, you will begin seeing an up-leveling in your intuitive abilities and gifts as well sensing shifts in timelines and experiencing parallel worlds simultaneously. Manifestations take little effort without need to get “into alignment,” for you already are aligned as pure spirit in its divine essence.

In fifth dimensional consciousness you’ll no longer engage in the lower vibrational energies stemming from rage, suffering, and division. Neither will you embody victim mentality, shame, guilt, defensivism (defensiveness?), or other distortions keeping you from your divine truth. In fact, those dense energies may fade from your experience entirely as you have the means to manifest in your physical world more unconditional love, harmony, and unity. This is a reminder that both lower vibrational and higher vibrational energies cannot coexist. Higher vibrational energies will be your “new norm,” and anything excepting of that will be readily transmuted to return you to your natural state of balance within.

The choice, however, is yours, dear ones. You may choose to continue to play out karmic cycles or rise with your brothers and sisters to take your place as part of the ascending collective consciousness. Should these words resonate as truth, a conscious decision is all that is needed. Should you elect not to ascend at this time, do not fear. The free will is yours and the choice can be remade within every one of your moments.

Lightworkers, you have been tried and tested on this ascension journey, tasked with clearing out karma, toxicity, ancestral and past-life trauma—“soul sludge” that keeps you weighed down and separate from your true nature of divine love and light. It hasn’t been easy for you paving the pathway and serving as beacons of light for others to follow on their own soul’s journey. Yet you have risen and answered the call—yes, even you who doubt this message is for you.

Take heart. You are dearly loved. Your spirit team is embracing you even now. Your ancestors are thanking you for volunteering for this effort to help raise the vibrations of your beautiful planet and shift the paradigm from one of fear and control to that of love and peace.

Your work is not going unnoticed. Your faith may have been tested but your strength is being renewed at this very moment. Light activations are pouring through your crown chakra. Your heart is expanding.

Don’t give up, Lightworkers. This is what we have been waiting for. The shift is here.

- Susan (Channeled Message)


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