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  • Susan Dawn

Integrating Energies in the In-Between

If you’ve been following my YouTube videos, you’ll know that the collective I’ve been channeling for is at a very specific point in their journey. We’ve been working hard at closing out old karmic cycles that no longer serve us—toxic relationships, friendships that don’t match our vibrations, old patterns of behavior, addictions, and beliefs that no longer serve our highest good. We’re releasing and purging all of it, healing the scars on our hearts and the tears in the fabric of our auras so that our souls can rise higher in love and light.

But before we can start the new beginning that is just around the corner, we’re finding ourselves in the in-between... Caught in a period of rest between the old cycle and the fresh start, transitioning as we transform from the old energy we’ve left behind and integrate with the new versions of ourselves. This can be a difficult time for some, as it often feels like we’re on a roller coaster of emotions, being pulled in a million different ways. You’re eager to skip ahead but the past still calls to you.

Be where you are. Remain present. Ground your energy. Remember that you’re not who you were last year, yesterday, a moment ago. This is the transition period as everything you’ve learned and understand consciously settles into your heart, your soul, the fiber of your being. Trust the process. Trust in divine timing, that you are exactly where and when you need to be on this journey.

You are right on time.

Want to know more about this integration period? Check out this channeled message about the Integration of Energies.


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