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  • Susan Dawn

Dark Night of the Soul

In speaking to a friend today and viewing your comments on the latest Sacred Union Energy Update, I know I wasn’t the only one experiencing this Dark Night of the Soul. This seems to have been collective—an acceleration of healing especially for divine counterparts, my friend said, ushering in new light code activations for union within to lead to harmonious union in the physical. Her experience validated my own and everything I channeled in today’s collective reading.

But what is a Dark Night of the Soul, exactly? It’s illusion—or rather, it’s a purging of the illusion. The Dark Night can sometimes feel like a void, a disconnect from the reality you once knew meant to bring you deeper and deeper into the soul of yourself, the truth of yourself. As the saying goes, who you were before you went into the fire will not be who you are when you come out. This is transformation—raw, authentic, real.

Learn more in the image posts, including messages of guidance from Spirit on how to navigate a Dark Night. Sending you all love, light, and strength. 💖


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