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  • Susan Dawn

The Importance of Energy Clearing

This week was a turbulent one for me in which I was questioning myself, my faith, and this journey. Old fears seemed to be slipping in, and I found myself in a lack mindset, wondering if I even had the strength to continue healing, to continue transforming, to continue on this ascension path.

I reached out to my good friend, Kelly, who some of you might recognize from my recent testimonial for her Atlantean Healing services. Check that out here.

I knew that although we'd done so much healing work the past few months and I'd been feeling great, like I'd undergone a complete metamorphosis and raised my vibrations, there was still something holding me back. The healing session itself was phenomenal--calling back to one missing piece of the story of myself that I'd carried in throughout lifetimes. Someday, I look forward to sharing that story.

But before we got to that past life energy healing, Kelly saw that our chakras were out of balance, which can cause skewed perceptions, feelings of fear and inadequacy, loss of connection to self and the Divine, etc (depending on the chakra). This is the importance of consistently clearing your energy, especially if you do energy healing work yourself--and especially for divine counterparts whose chakras are aligned/merged with each other.

The closer counterparts get to union with self and each other, the more interference comes in to create upsets to prevent that union from happening. That's how powerful this love is. That's how transformational this love is. This love lights worlds, creates an entire cosmic rebirth. (Find out more about that through these special channeled messages) As such, darker forces may wish to prevent unions from occurring.

One way to protect yourself is through being mindful when fears pop up. Acknowledge that these fears are not you but old templates trying to disrupt your new vibration. In essence, you can "shoo" them away and then protect your energy field. My mantra is "any low-vibrational entities must leave, never to return. Only high-vibrational entities 5D and above are allowed in this sacred space of pure, divine white light." Any variation of this will do. Choose one that works for you.

Additionally, the more open you are (connecting through channeling, mediumship, or other means of divination or through other factors like marijuana or alcohol), the more this interference has the capability of getting through. Protect yourself through energy clearing by imagining a column shooting down from Source energy itself and a huge ball of light encircling you. Imagine this column coming down through your crown chakra, pouring through your other chakras and clearing any debris and negative energy, and grounding into the center of the earth. This will balance your chakras back to healthy function and clear any energy that isn't acting in the essence of who you are--pure love and light. Notice how much clearer and connected you feel.

Happy energy clearing!


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