• Susan Dawn

Hold the Light (Lightworker Messages)

(Note: The following can also be heard as an audio recording on YouTube. I was called to share more on current events--with messages and guidance from Spirit--through my own experience and perspective as I understand it at this time. It's now more important than ever to be spiritually educated and informed while continuing to hold a high vibration of love and following your own inner guidance for your own path and truth. I'll be sharing why although I've been led down the proverbial "rabbit hole" to deeper truths, I'm going to continue to focus my work on the journey of ascension, conscious relationships, and divine love--connecting to ourselves, our sacred partners, and the divine as we connect with each other. If the messages aren't resonating for you, please disregard.) Over the last month or so I’ve been led down the rabbit hole of “conspiracy theories.” I use that in quotes because I don’t like the word conspiracy. It has the connotation of hoax and I believe there’s truth in everything—but we have to use discernment and never follow blindly or take things at face value. More on that later.