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  • Susan Dawn

Happy Three Years!

Today I found myself scrolling through my memories on Facebook, surprised and delighted to see that it's the third-year anniversary of launching Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections! When I look at how much we've grown--personally and as a community--I'm filled with awe for where this journey has led me and all it has uncovered and created. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think my life would take the path it did, but I followed my heart and the guidance of my soul and have found myself grateful ever since.

Here's where we've been the past three years:

• Two YouTube channels and a growing community! In truth, I was terrified when I hit publish on my first video. I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew my soul was leading me and I had to follow. Nearly all of my hesitation had been due to fear: how would others react, who would understand, and would I be accepted? But part of my personal spiritual journey—what began decades ago and only accelerated through this ascension process—was about remembering who I really am and learning to speak that truth. And so, time and again I split my heart wide open and laid my soul bare, sharing the raw and the real of the journey as well as the hope and the healing.

As I grew more comfortable trusting and opening up to my own intuition and inner wisdom, my innate connection to myself and God/Source grew deeper, allowing me to channel and bring forth profound teachings and understandings that have had a positive impact on myself and others. I remain constantly humbled and grateful for this opportunity and for how we've expanded to a second YouTube channel to share deeper messages.

• Creation! Ten message decks, an original Tarot deck, an intuitive Tarot course, spiritual guides, planners, and journals, and so much more! When I launched my Etsy shop to sell my first Conversations with Counterparts and Conversations with Spirit message decks in late 2019, I had no idea that I would spend the following year and a half so creatively inspired. These creations, I've come to understand, have been the foundation for a greater service that will launch next year. I can't to show you what's next. (Don't forget! All products and services are on sale throughout September!)

• Personal healing: Those first years of my ascension journey were the most painful and beautiful I've experienced in my life. Painful because it has been a journey of true healing—not just of the body from disease but of the mind, of the heart, of the spirit. Old wounds that left aged scars came to the surface to be cleared away by light. I’ve faced traumas, shadows, and my deepest self. Yet it's been beautiful because I've felt my soul become lighter with this healing. I've felt love expand ten-fold. I've seen my whole world physically transform with blessings and miracles.

On this journey, I remembered that this is a world filled with illusions and stubbornly worked on keeping my heart wide open, loving myself and humanity more deeply. I remembered my divinity, my strength, my connection to myself and to God without limitations, without restrictions, but with the purity of sacred truth. I remembered how powerful I am and allowed myself to step into the light of all that I am. I remembered that we are all so much more than we could ever imagine. I've remembered and learned so much, and there's so much still to uncover...

• Community: Finally, and most importantly to me, we've built and nurtured a community through genuine and heartfelt connection. Through your comments, emails, and having the honor of doing personal readings and sessions for you, so many of you have become not only cherished clients and community, but soul family as well. With every collective or personal reading I do, I feel your love and support and honor your own wisdom in a beautiful energy exchange. Your openness, acceptance, and overall high-vibrational energy makes you the best community I could ever ask for. Words will never be able to express just how grateful I am for the intimate community that has been created in these sacred spaces.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for these past three years and look forward to many more!


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