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  • Susan Dawn

Channeled Message for Lightworkers


(I sat down to do a reading for a client and this message for lightworkers came flooding through with an energy of so much love and warmth.)

Dear One,

We are so proud of the changes you have made in your life. This is embarking you on a new stage of your life's journey, for you have reached a phase in your evolution that calls for you to rise into your true divine power. You have been put through tests and trials in order to heal, and now we are calling on you to create. Your world is what you create it to be, and you--like other lightworkers--are being asked to step up at this time to create a world of peace, love, and higher-level consciousness.

Your healing work was not in vain. The tests and trials you have undergone were not without purpose. It's because they were meant to purify you. What we mean by this is that you have been living in such dense energy for so long, like mud on skin. Now through this ascension you have been washed clean. It is your baptism. It is time for you to be reborn as the soul you have always been, but more highly evolved. You are doing something extraordinary, that hasn't been done in this space and time before. You are not only waking up to the truth of love and light that you are, but you are evolving at the very same time. What an extraordinary and exciting time it is!

We honor you and thank you for the work that you've done and are continuing to do to help the planet and our brothers and sisters across the galaxies. You, dear lightworker, are stepping into your power and shining the light for all. We thank you for this.


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