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  • Susan Dawn

A Day is Not A Lifetime

“A day is not a lifetime, A rest is not defeat.”

Every single line in this poem speaks to the heart. This isn’t an easy journey—not awakening, not ascension, not life. But we chose to be here as souls because we knew we had the strength, the perseverance, the support to keep going, not only to get through but to thrive and come alive, remember who we are and to stand tall in our power. If you need to rest, rest. If you need to heal, heal. If you need a break from the noise and the pain of the world, take a moment for yourself to fill that beautiful cup of love that is your heart back up. Then let it overflow. Because this is what you were meant for—to climb higher and higher into love, into joy, into bringing hope to the world.

You, Lightworker—by the very essence of your being—are hope for the world.


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