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Healing & Harmony

Go back to the basics in the Healing & Harmony Activation Series!

This series provides messages for awareness and understanding around common core wounds/keywords to help activate your healing and bring you into greater soul resonance. Each channeling and reading also includes an audio Angel Aura Energy Healing and Light Language Transmission to help facilitate your healing journey. This series is perfect for those just beginning to walk their awakening/ascension path or for those who want to dive deeper with their soul growth work.

Get what you need by selecting a specific topic below

or purchase the full series at a discounted price!

Want to see what Healing & Harmony is all about? 

Be sure to check out "Healing & Harmony - Separation" free!


"Such a potent creation! Thank u for creating it! I love your LL Transmission it's always my GO TO!"

Client Testimonial -

SDSC Healing Harmony Complete Series.jpeg
SDSC Healing Harmony Separation.jpeg
SDSC Healing Harmony Abandonment.jpeg
SDSC Healing Harmony Projection.jpeg
SDSC Healing Harmony Betrayal.jpeg
SDSC Healing Harmony The Inner Child.jpeg
SDSC Healing Harmony Courage Confidence.jpeg
SDSC Healing Harmony The Karmic.jpeg

Stay tuned for more of the Healing & Harmony Activation Series

as we continue to expand with more topics and deeper exploration to come.

Want even more of the Healing & Harmony series? Check out the playlist on our YouTube channels

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