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Tarot in Translation


The Tarot in Translation Course Book was created as a written alternative to the Tarot in Translation Online Course. This course book, based on the online video course, offers written lessons and helpful worksheets for learning the art of intuitive Tarot reading. 

Available for Digital Purchase Here:
Tarot in Translation Course Book

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Curious about Tarot? 

Not sure how to get started?


If you're curious about learning Tarot or want to deepen your connection with this powerful divination practice, we'll help you by guiding you on your Tarot journey.

Your soul has wisdom to share. But how do you access it?

There's a world of wisdom waiting to be unleashed, and Tarot is the tool to help you uncover it. But looking at all those cards in a Tarot deck can seem intimidating.


How do you even get started?


 Tarot is about more than memorizing meanings and repeating what's already known. It's opening up your intuition to access the deep internal wisdom you already hold within so you can make choices that empower, embolden, and encourage you to create the joyful and abundant life you wish to live. 

Let your heart guide you...

When I was a young teenager, I picked up my first tarot deck and began laying out the cards according to the suggested spreads. One-by-one, I looked up their meanings in the accompanying guidebook, quickly becoming confused, overwhelmed, and disconnected from the experience. Disappointed, I put the cards away, believing I'd never be able to read Tarot myself, nevermind for others.


In my early twenties, as I sought spiritual guidance during a Dark Night of the Soul, I had my first tarot reading done by a trusted local psychic medium. I remember I was in awe of not how much she was able to pick up on, but by how relieved and at peace I felt afterwards, like something was beginning to heal and open up inside of me.


Over the course of the next ten years, as my interest in esoteric knowledge and metaphycial topics continued to blossom, I would go on to have past life regressions, participate in meditation workshops and psychic development courses, and become a Reiki Level Two practitioner. I was growing personally--expanding into a greater understanding of who I was and why I was here.


But it felt like something was missing.


I was working to support others in areas outside of the spiritual circle, namely in the founding of a non-profit organization whose mission is to help heal the emotional toll of chronic illness. I thought I had found my purpose and settled in to make this my life's work. All the while, my soul was calling to expansion. I just didn't know where I was being led.

Image by Jen Theodore

In 2018, a few months after meeting a divine counterpart and beginning my ascension journey, a friend gifted me my first oracle deck. I was entranced by the artwork and symbolism that seemed to jump off the cards, my lifelong journey as a writer helping me to understand the profound impact of symbolism and that there was always more than one way to interpret what was being presented on the surface. When I purchased my first Tarot deck, it was with mild trepidation. The 78-card deck seemed too daunting, and I remembered all-too well my earlier struggle to memorize the meaning behind each of the cards. 
But the more I tapped into my own intuition and let go of the fear of being right according to instruction, the more I began to enjoy shuffling the cards. Suddenly, each card had a thousand different possibilities, each spread a story that was longing to be told.

My purpose was expanding, with a growing desire to be of service to not only help others heal from life's afflictions, but to bridge the human and spiritual journey in order to connect back to love. I was getting called to Tarot, but I was still in resistance to it.

Point blank: I was terrified.

I began following other Tarot readers on YouTube and practiced reading for close friends, ignoring the intuitive nudge to start my own channel and really dive into reading Tarot as a next-level of my mission work. 
Until the fear began to turn to excitement and the push grew stronger.

I asked myself:
- Could I possibly be picking up on someone else's energy?
- Could I trust the information I was receiving?
- Could I really have psychic gifts that I'd only ever seen in others?
- Was it just a fluke that I was receiving information I couldn't have otherwise known?
- Could I be of help to others as others have helped me?
- Could I let go of my fear and trust my intuition?
- Was this real?
- Was I ready?

Ready or not, it was time to take the leap.

Image by Jen Theodore

In September of 2018, I launched my YouTube channel and began doing collective readings. Shortly after, amongst a ton of personal fear and self-doubt, I followed the call of my soul and opened up my services to reading for others. 
Something incredible began to happen. The more I began to let go of the fear and trust what my intuition was telling me, the more my gifts began to open and the better and more in-depth my readings became. I was allowing myself to become an open channel, the cards transforming into a tool to help guide and translate the messages I was already energetically receiving.

Today, I read for hundreds of clients all around the world, helping others connect with their own soul self and spirit team as they grow on their life journey and learn to trust the ever-unfolding path of their heart. 

That's why you're here. 

Just like I followed the call of learning Tarot and opening up my intuitive gifts in order to expand my soul's journey while helping to guide others along theirs, you're here because Tarot has spoken to you. 

Whether you're interested in Tarot because you want to open up to your intuitive abilities, because you want to access internal wisdom for your personal life, or because you want to be of service to others in a spiritual practice, this Tarot in Translation Online Course will help you learn how to translate energy and read Tarot from the heart, creating a pathway to strengthen your connection to yourself, to spirit, and to your soul's journey.

This Tarot in Translation Online Course is a comprehensive offering that teaches you everything you need to know about Tarot and the intuitive art of energy reading so you can confidently read Tarot for yourself and others.
Along with the video course, your package includes a number of bonus features and goodies.

Here's what you'll get:


Tarot in Translation

Companion Workbook

This free workbook serves as a companion to your course with over 75 pages of note space and worksheets to help you along your Tarot journey.


Tarot in Translation

Arcana Sheets

As part of your course study, you'll receive these five printable arcana cheat sheets to help you learn the meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana cards.


Tarot in Translation

Facebook Group

Get access to the Tarot in Translation private Facebook group where you can gather with other Tarot readers to talk craft, ask and answer questions, and practice readings to help hone your skills.

Give your soul the opportunity to grow!

More than fortune-telling, Tarot is a divination practice that helps you access your own soul's wisdom to guide you on your life journey. I believe that the energy brought forth through the cards allows us to focus in on the messages that are being received, but the cards are merely a tool to hone the skill of listening to and trusting our own intuition. 

In Tarot in Translation, I'll guide you in learning the art of reading Tarot from the heart as you unlock your gifts, level-up in your spiritual practice or soul journey, and most importantly, trust in yourself. 

In this course:



Module One

- The History of Tarot

- What is Tarot?
- What is Intuitive Tarot?

- My Personal Philosophy

- How to Create Your Own Tarot Philosophy



Module Two

- Choosing A Tarot deck

- Clearing and Storing Your Deck

- Creating A Sacred Space

- Protecting Your Energy

- Creating a Relationship with Your Guides

- Shuffling & Pulling Cards

& more!



Module Three

- Tarot versus Oracle Cards

- Symbolism in Readings

- Types of Oracle Decks

& more!



Module Four

- Major Arcana

  • The Hero's Journey

- Minor Arcana

  • The Four Suits

  • Court Cards

- Arcana Cheat Sheets included!



Module Five

- Traditional Tarot Spreads

- Examples of Tarot Spreads

- Creating Your Own Tarot Spread



Module Six

- Interpreting One Card

- Interpreting Multiple Cards

- Timing Cards

- Reversals



Module Seven

- The Five Clair/Psychic gifts

- Opening Up & Trusting Your Intuition

- Connecting with Your Spirit Team

- Telling A Story with Tarot



Module Eight

- Creating A Sacred Space

- Clearing Your Energy

- Invocation of Your Guides/Others' Energy

- Asking Questions

- Relaying Messages



Module Nine

We'll recap everything we've learned and wrap it up with some bonus goodies and resources.

Ready to get started?

Get theTarot in Translation Online Course
and all of these offerings for only 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your credentials?

An intuitive empath by nature, Susan taps into others' energetic fields and, working alongside her spiritual guidance team, brings you messages of love, support, and learning for your life journey, bridging human and spiritual growth. She has been a tarot reader for six years, a coach and teacher for over a decade, and an intuitive channel for all of her life. In this course, Susan carries that energy and experience forward into her teachings.

How do I know if this course is right for me?

This course is right for you if:


  • You have a natural curiosity about the practice of Tarot

  • You have a genuine interest in Tarot reading for others or yourself

  • You're already a Tarot reader and wish to strengthen your skills

  • You're struggling to retain the meanings of the cards

  • You wish to develop your intuition and clair gifts to become a stronger Tarot reader

  • You wish to improve your Tarot reading practice

  • You wish to start a Tarot reading practice or other spiritual practice

This course is NOT right for you if:


  • You don't have a genuine interest in Tarot reading

  • You are skeptical about Tarot reading

  • You believe Tarot reading is only for fortune-telling

  • You wish to read the cards logically versus intuitively

  • You have a set mindset and don't wish to learn more

Will this course help me become a successful Tarot reader?

That's up to you! You are the creator of your own success--what you put into your work is what you'll get out of it. We hope through this course you'll learn at least one thing that will help you on your journey to becoming a better Tarot reader or spiritual practitioner and that you find yourself empowered to begin trusting your intuition to guide you in your readings and in your life journey.

How much does the course cost?

The Tarot in Translation Online Course is a one-time payment of $44. This includes instant access to the video e-course, access to the private Facebook group, and all additional supplemental materials and bonus items.

Is this course mine to keep?

Yep! Once paid for, you'll have permanent access to the link in which the content is housed and can view the files as you'd like. This course contains valuable resources that you might wish to return to time and again. 

Do I need to purchase a Tarot deck to get started?

You don't need to have already purchased a Tarot deck to get started with this course; however, as you progress along the course, it might be helpful to obtain one for practice. In Module Two, we'll discuss how to choose, clear, and store your Tarot deck. 

Do I need to purchase your Tarot in Translation decks?

Not at all! Although they might be useful in understanding the overall meanings of the cards and/or add to your readings, the purchase of the Tarot in Translation tarot or message decks is not required to successfully complete this course. For those who are interested in purchasing the decks, a coupon code is available for a discount at the end of the course. 

Will I receive a certification?

We don't believe that certifications are necessary to be a successful Tarot reader or spiritual practitioner, nor to show you have completed this course. There is no certification attached to the Tarot in Translation Online Course. 

What's your refund policy?

Once the course is purchased, no refunds will be given. Please note that once payment is received, we are under the impression that you wished to purchase the Tarot in Translation Online Course and the content has been viewed. For technical difficulties in accessing the course, please contact the platform's technical support team.

Let's get going!

Start honing your skills with the 

Tarot in Translation tarot and message decks! 


The Tarot in Translation original message deck, love edition, Tarot deck, and pocket guide are all perfect for novice and professional tarot readers alike. Each of the 78 cards in a deck, based on the traditional Rider-Waite deck, contains an intuitively channeled message (and alternate message) or image to help you on your soul growth journey.
As a thank you for joining the course, we're offering 25% off any item in our online store, including the Tarot in Translation tarot and message decks! The coupon code will be available at the end of the course.

Purchase of these decks is not required for participation in the
Tarot in Translation Online Course.



Content created for this Tarot in Translation website, course, and brand is the property of Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections, LLC and is protected under copyright and other intellectual property laws. Any content produced on the Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections, LLC website, its associated Tarot in Translation website, or through a purchased Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections, LLC service (including this course and associated materials and products) is for the client's personal and non-commercial use only. Content may not be edited or modified for any purpose without explicit permission from the owner. Any use of these materials outside of personal use is strictly prohibited without the explicit permission of Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections, LLC. These terms and conditions of use are subject to change at any time and without notice.


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This Tarot in Translation course, and all associated materials and products, was created for informational and entertainment purposes only and is intended to be used as a guide in helping Tarot practitioners understand the basics of spiritual practice. Additionally, the contents created within this course and all associated materials and products are based upon the experiences and research of Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections, LLC and should not and will not replace the due diligence and experience of participants themselves. Information herein may be subject to change. Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections, LLC and its representatives will not be found liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. Representatives of Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections, LLC will not be liable for any losses or damages from the display or use of this information. 

Once the course is purchased and its contents downloaded, no refunds will be given under any circumstances.

A copy of this disclaimer is available under the Terms and Conditions when purchasing this course and on the Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections, LLC website.

Ready to translate Tarot from the heart?  Join today!

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