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Learn how to translate Tarot from the heart!


If you're curious about learning Tarot or want to deepen your connection with this powerful divination practice, we'll help you by guiding you on your Tarot journey.


Here's what you'll get:


• A comprehensive nine-module course that teaches you everything you need to know about Tarot and the intuitive art of energy reading so you can confidently read Tarot for yourself and others PLUS a 75 page companion workbook for notes and worksheet exercises. These worksheets are also easily accessible within the course lessons.


• Five printable arcana cheat sheets to help you learn the meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana cards.


• Access to the Tarot in Translation Facebook group where you can gather with other Tarot readers to talk craft, ask and answer questions, and practice readings to help hone your skills.


• Plus bonus goodies as a thank you for joining the Tarot in Translation Online Course!




Module One: In the INTRODUCTION TO TAROT, we'll learn about the history of Tarot, the power of reading intuitively, and how to create your own Tarot philosophy.


Module Two: In TAROT BASICS, we'll learn how to choose a Tarot deck, how to clear and store your decks, what it means to create a sacred space, how to protect your energy during readings, and how to create a relationship with your Spirit team.


Module Three: In INVOKING THE ORACLE, we'll talk about traditional Tarot versus Oracle cards, using symbolism in readings, and how to choose and care for your decks.


Module Four: In TAROT ELEMENTS, we'll start the deep dive into everything Tarot, including the Fool's Journey in the Major Arcana and an overview of the Minor Arcana.


Module Five: In TAROT SPREADS, we'll explore traditional Tarot spreads such as the Celtic Cross and learn how and why it's important to create your own.


Module Six: In READING THE CARDS, we'll learn how to further interpret the meanings of the cards, including multiple cards, timing cards, and reversals.


Module Seven: In THE ART OF INTUITIVE TAROT, we'll look at opening up your psychic gifts with an overview of the four most well-known clair gifts. We'll dive deeper into trusting your intuition, connecting with your spirit team, and telling a story with Tarot using your gifts.


Module Eight: In READING FOR OTHERS, we'll look at how to create a sacred space that welcomes in your clients' energy, how to clear your energy to become an open channel, and how to trust and relay the messages you're receiving for others.


Module Nine: In THE WRAP UP, we'll recap everything we've learned with some bonus goodies and resources.

Whether you're interested in Tarot because you want to open up to your intuitive abilities, because you want to access internal wisdom for your personal life, or because you want to be of service to others in a spiritual practice, this Tarot in Translation Online Course will help you learn how to translate energy and read Tarot from the heart, creating a pathway to strengthen your connection to yourself, to spirit, and to your soul's journey.


Upon purchase of this course, you'll receive a document in your email. This document is the link sheet that will take you to the course files which will then be available for download. 

Please review our Terms and Conditions for more.

Tarot in Translation - Online Video Course

  • *** This listing is for the ONLINE VIDEO COURSE, formerly hosted on another platform. ***

    A written, printable alternative to this video course is available in the Tarot in Translation Course Book. For the written version of this course, which includes all of the lessons and worksheets included here plus bonus material, please see the individual listing.

    Please carefully consider both options before purchase to see which learning tool (online video course or written course book) best suits you.

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