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  • Susan Dawn

Today, I Grieved

Thank you to everyone in our Facebook community for holding space for me as I process grief and pain, face shadow sides of myself, and assist in my own healing. This journey has been the hardest experience of my life—and I’ve been to hell and back so many times, they stop me at the door and turn my ass around every time my ego tries to step foot there.

(Obviously, that’s a joke.)

I don’t apologize for a single second for sharing myself—the dark and the light. The darkness is a part of my experience, too, and I never want to paint a false mask on what’s really going on. I believe that our experiences are what connect us, and by sharing ourselves—expressing ourselves—we are more open to understanding true oneness and consciousness because we see ourselves reflected in one another.

Today I grieved like I’ve never grieved before. I felt like someone I loved had died. I felt like I was dying. Maybe a part of me was. But with death comes rebirth and as I go through this process, I know there will be change. I don’t know what the universe has in store for me. That is my surrender. But I know the angels are supporting me, just as you have here. To say I appreciate you is an understatement.

Tomorrow I’m hitting the road to visit a friend a few hours away. I desperately need to travel—something about new places and adventures always seem to help me clear my mind and bring me back to myself.

Spirit is guiding me, and now I’m following with a healing, open heart. NOTE: Follow the Ascension Confessions playlist on YouTube for more updates!


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