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Susan's Spiritual Pilgrimage - A European Adventure (Preview)

This is the start of not only a new chapter of my life, but a new story that's being written with every moment, every breath, every heartbeat. This story is a culmination of everything that came before me to make me who I am now in a life whose seeds have been planted lifetimes and mere minutes ago all at once. That's what I'm beginning to understand the more I embody the presence of all I am: there's before and there's after, and the two merge in a dance of fate and free will in the non-linearity of Time that is now.

Everything has led me here.

I see myself as a younger version reading Jane Austen, enraptured by the beauty, elegance, and romanticism of Regency England, and now here I am walking those same streets. In visions, I'm brought back through time and space to be surrounded by a medieval forest from centuries ago, and I know all along I was meant to return here in this lifetime.

Everything has brought me here.

Three years ago, I dreamed of a personal spiritual pilgrimage to Europe, but I didn't think it would ever be possible. Six months ago, that dream was revived and the reality of it began to take shape. Now here I am, writing this in Bath, England after spending the week in the hometown of a soul sister and walking the path of history and the sacred.

To say this trip is changing me is an understatement and an inaccuracy simultaneously. It's making me more of who I am. I think that's the beauty and the blessing of travel--it tests your awareness of yourself, your perception of life. It challenges your own embodiment by asking you to venture out into the world, unaccompanied, to find the holy within the foothills of the new.

My intention for England was simply to go to Glastonbury--the Heart chakra of the Earth and known for its connection to Aurthurian legend. The energy, insight, and phenomena I've experienced there is mind-blowing and more than I ever could have imagined. The city of Bath, however, has had its own charm and connection that's been beautifully surprising and special.

We leave for France and the next leg of our adventure tomorrow. I'm journaling about my experiences and will share more when I return. In the meantime, here's a peek at the magic of the past week...

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Unknown member
Sep 29, 2023

Oh I miss Glastonbury... can't wait to go again!! So happy you are there... and you at the Chalice well and feeling all the magic!! so happy for you... much love, Lindy

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