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  • Susan Dawn

Still, I Climb.

This showed up in my personal memories on Facebook today as something I wrote a long time ago... I feel called to share it here because while I wrote it while I was in the process of building my non-profit foundation, it can be accredited to any part of your life, especially on this ascension and awakening journey.

Stay strong.

“As I strive to create a future for myself--a future that is built on courage, with heart--I'm finding myself facing old fears and self-doubt.

What if everything I'm doing falls apart, like this pattern I've seen these past few years because of this illness? Will I have the strength to keep going? Will I have the willpower to rebuild yet again?

And what if I don't have the support I need to grow and succeed? Will I have the energy to push through on my own? Will I have the fortitude to walk the path alone?

Whenever someone has told me no in my life, my spirit has answered with a resounding yes, igniting a fire within me that has allowed me to forge my own path. But I've always seen that path clearly before. I've pictured that mountain peak, and while there were unexpected obstacles and detours, I knew what would be waiting for me once I finished the climb.

There's a new mountain ahead. It's tall and looms large, but it also shines bright with purpose and passion. I've taken the first few steps, but now I'm standing on an edge looking ahead, wondering if I can make it, looking back, wondering if I'm worthy of this venture after all.

What if I fail? I ask myself, clinging to this overlook, this safe space where I have a choice to go on or turn back or stay right where I am.

"Oh, my dear," a voice calls from inside of me. The same voice that ignites the fire and urges me ever-onward.

"What if you don't?"

I climb.”


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