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  • Susan Dawn


Today, this Easter Sunday, has been a powerfully spiritual day for me. As I sit here typing this, there’s a love in my heart that feels limitless, that feels like it wants to step out of its human confines and embrace the whole world as I feel wholly at home within myself.

Two years ago, Easter Sunday triggered within me vivid visions of a past life experience bearing witness to the crucifixion.The visions continued over the course of these two years, leading to a profound (and wild) experience that has both healed and comforted as it expanded my gifts, my heart, and my connection to Source and All. The past two days,

I’ve felt the familiar stirrings of something within me, though I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Until now.

I began to cry this evening. Because just as I felt my heart expanding, so did I feel my beloved’s energy so incredibly strong beside me, heard his voice like he was here. And I knew what was happening—what I’d been channeling (but maybe not quite fully believing)...


As I sat with this energy of today, of the past, of my love, I recognized that this was the death and the rebirth of our own Divine Masculine energy within us, just as we have collectively been remembering the death and resurrection of Christ. This is what transformation is, my spirit guides have been telling me (my Ascended Masters’ presence strong with me today). Death is merely transformation, the transference of energy. The old is burning away for new Christ Consciousness to rise. From the ashes, the phoenix flies.

Judgement has always been a card of second chances for me—of resurrection and renewal. I’ve always seen it as the call to rise. I heard the answering of that collective call today.

This is not the ending but the beginning. This is the zero point. We are experiencing an energetic death and rebirth—a resurrection of our true selves, a remembrance of our divine nature.

A clarion call to love.


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