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  • Susan Dawn

"I'll Bring You the Stars"

My person posted this recently, reminding me of the reading I did for the collective wherein I channeled the DM saying, “I’ll bring you the stars.”

(Here’s the link:

It used to make me sad, triggering a feeling that he was always looking for someone else to understand him when I’ve been here all along. Now I see it from a different viewpoint—that there’s a part of him that knows this, confirmation of our connection and the love that I believe will always exist between us no matter the circumstances. Sometimes you can say so much without saying a word, and it’s in that trusting and that knowing that everything is illuminated.

So much has changed since that reading in my own personal story. The doubt. The fear. The wondering... All gone. All that remains is love. Faith. Certainty for the someday and that someday spent with him.

That’s this divine partnership...

You don’t have to bring the stars to me.

Someday, we’ll gather the stars together.


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