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  • Susan Dawn

I Found Love Right in Front of Me

It’s been a day of heightened emotions as I find myself purging and letting go of the past—finally closing out a cycle so that I can move forward into a new beginning with ease. This purging of the past seems to be collective, as many friends along this journey have been experiencing this same letting go of what was.

What’s left? Love. An overwhelming sense of love that has left me in beautiful tears most of the day. No more pain from the past. No more resentment. No more anger. Love without need. Love without longing. Just love mixed with gratitude and faith that I can no longer deny. That I no longer choose to deny.

A friend shared with me a song that speaks of her journey after I shared with her a song that has been on my mind for weeks, but whose lyrics finally resonated—it finally clicked why I was hearing it. Maybe soon I’ll share that one. For now, I’ll share this...


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