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  • Susan Dawn

Hear Me Roar

I started to spiral today—back to a place of questioning my own value and self-worth. But then one of my best friends popped up in my messages, reminding me just how lucky I am to have soulmates like him.

And you know what? I am damn lucky. I’m surrounded by amazing people all the time—people who share their hearts and their light, people who know what they want and leap with faith. And you know what else? I’m also one of those people. That’s my value. That I’m ME and no one else. And no one else is me.

That’s my beauty. That’s my superpower. Knowing and owning the soul of myself.

I have my flaws, sure. I may not be for everyone and that’s okay. I may not even be for the people I love most, and that’s okay. Because I’m me. And the universe will always—ALWAYS—align me to love and those who love me simply because I love myself enough to know that, to have faith in that.

So now when I say I’m not giving up, I say it through a different lense. I’m not giving up on me.

Hear me fucking roar.

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