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  • Susan Dawn

Expect the Best. F*ck the Rest.

This is changing the whole game for me.

I’m someone that can’t help but hope, can’t help but dream, can’t help but wish. My struggle was in trying not to have any expectations. But it’s not the expectations that are the source of conflict and disappointment—it’s the attachment to the how and the when.

So set expectations when you’re manifesting. That’s part of acting as if it’s already yours, this knowing that what’s meant for you will always be meant for you. But release the outcome. Want more financial abundance? Expect that you’ll receive financial abundance but release through what avenues that might come. Want love or relationships? Expect that love and relationships will come to you because you are deserving of it but release the who and the when.

Expectations are simply knowing that your manifestations will come to pass.

Surrender to the rest.


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