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  • Susan Dawn

Europe Days 12 - 14: Avebury Activations & Happy Homecoming

Saturday, October 7 - Tuesday October 10

After traveling back to England on Friday, we spent a relaxing (recovery) day in Bath, which I've considered home during my journey thanks to my friend's hospitality. It was a leisurely day without plans, so we took her dog for a walk around Royal Victoria Park to see The Crescent, had dinner at a nice steakhouse, engaged in conversation about astrology and compared our charts, then made it an early night to prepare for Avebury the next day.

We'd planned on going to Avebury the first week I was in England, but Glastonbury was such high-energy and there had been so many activations and experiences, we decided to see how the rest of our trip panned out and spent more time exploring Bath instead. However, Avebury at the tail-end of our journey was the perfect conclusion to this spiritual pilgrimage.

When I mentioned to one of the owners of the metaphysical shop where I work that I was going to Glastonbury, he asked if I was going to Avebury, too. I told him that I'd never heard of it, and he said that it's similar to Stonehenge in that it's a Neolithic ceremonial site with, to put it plainly, a stone henge; however, whereas Stonehenge has become more of a tourist attraction that is barred from interaction with the public, at Avebury you can touch the stone monuments and wander the site. I mentioned this when we were planning our trip to Luna and, having never been there herself, we agreed to put it on our itinerary.

Less than an hour from Bath, we drove the English country roads through small villages to Avebury, syncs popping out at me all along the way: a sign that said Magdalene Avenue, the Holy Trinity Church, two swans in a pond, and a church sign reading, "Come as you are"--a callback to my recent channelings of the same name. I made a note but didn't focus too much on this, recognizing that whatever needed to be known would further present itself.

Avebury is peace. That's the only way I can describe it. It has a similar, quiet energy as Glastonbury Abbey, but it felt even more grounded, like an anchoring into the earth. A road divides the landscape with a paddock filled with--to my delight--sheep on one side and another open field on the other. Luna and I split up to wander for ourselves (note to future visitors: this site is dog-friendly!) and spend some time in our own experiences.

Touching the stones, I felt the gentle hum of the earth making its way up through the rocks. I sat by a stone monument--a small obelisk--and could feel light codes streaming down into my third eye. Later, I was drawn to look at the trees in the distance--a white tree that I'm unable to identify standing out among the rest. There was something holy, something sacred about it--something that felt tied to Mother Mary and Joseph, though I couldn't consciously bring the energy forward enough to say what. Luna was also drawn here, and together we sat in a sort of vigil before it.

I wandered across the road to the other paddock, mindful of my step (this was the sheep's territory, after all!) and was instructed to touch each stone in the semi-circle. As I did, I could feel something activating within me, but again I couldn't draw the energy forward consciously enough to say what. It wasn't for conscious recognition, I understood--not like Glastonbury. This was merely to be felt now and understood later.

It was a peaceful and leisurely experience and a place I would love to come back to.

To cap off the end of our trip, Luna had reserved spots for us at a thermal spa for which Bath is renowned. We spent time floating in the Minerva Bath, named after the Roman goddess of health and wisdom, in a mineral whirlpool reminiscent of the waters that ancient Romans bathed in two-thousand years ago. We enjoyed the multiple steam rooms and swam in the rooftop pool as the sun began to set over Bath. I don't think I'll ever get over the beauty and history of this city.

The next morning, Luna dropped me off at the train station where we shared a long hug goodbye and I took the train back into London. I would be spending the night at a hotel before catching my flight home in the morning. True to form, connections were made all along the way, including a beautiful young woman that sat next to me on the train platform in Bath (originally from Bangladesh, she was now on her way home to Scotland where she was studying to become a doctor) and an older mother and daughter from Australia who ended up helping me find my hotel. On Tuesday, I packed my bags to perfection only to have them flagged at security because they couldn't identify a box in my bag. It turned out to be one of my tarot decks, which led to a fun conversation with the security guards. It was a long but easy flight home, and while I was sad to leave Europe, I was also eager to be home. One of my best friends picked me up from the airport, and I had a joyous reunion with my furbabies and my family.

This trip, this journey, has felt like a wondrous dream. This, I thought to myself more than once along this trip, is how I want to live my life.

In the fall of 2008, I came to Europe a young woman with the weight of the world on her shoulders and a heavy and anxious heart.

In the fifteen years since, I have: struggled to find my place and purpose, found myself in a health crisis and fought for my life—my heart was failing, I couldn’t walk, and I was in serious cognitive decline until I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and multiple co-infections, relapsed three times, had a ton of medical debt and financial insecurity, fought to save my house, fought to save my job, fought to save my life (again), experienced an ascension activation, felt more heartbreak than I’ve ever experienced, lost friends, family, and loved ones, lost myself.

In the fifteen years since, I have: written and published five books under my own company and helped other authors do the same, found part of my purpose by building a non-profit in support of Lyme patients and traveled giving talks of the same nature, found my passion in creating spiritual community, survived Lyme—including multiple relapses—worked hard to create more financial independence and security, experienced an ascension activation, found love within a deep soul connection, healed my heart and my life, deepened old friendships and family bonds, formed new connections with soul family, connected to God/the Universe in powerful and magical ways, found myself.

If I seem in awe of where I am in life both figuratively and literally, it’s because I am.

Since I decided I wanted to make my 40th birthday special, especially after a decade of really difficult ones, and began planning a celebration with my loved ones and getting ready for this trip—and even moreso actually being on this trip—I’ve felt like I’ve been living a dream.

It’s because I know where I was so I can appreciate where I am now. It’s because there has been so much healing, so much inner work, so much of diving deep into the depths of my own shadows to find myself and understand my light. It’s because for so long I was disconnected from who I was, becoming who I thought I needed to be—and who everyone else wanted me to be—and now I’m honoring and loving myself for everything I am, so anchored into the heart and letting that guide me. For me, recognizing the overcoming and finding the balance within the crossroads of it all is where the magic of life unfolds…

See the full video compilation of my trip!


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