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  • Susan Dawn

Europe Day 4: Chalice Well, The White Spring, & Visionary Glastonbury

Thursday, September 28

(I had so much fun putting together these memory videos of my trip! Here's one of my travels so far...)

How do I even begin to write about the pure magic that was experienced today?

When I first began dreaming of this trip--what I was affectionately calling a spiritual pilgrimage for all of the places I wanted to experience--I never in my wildest imagination thought it would be like this. Three years ago, it was a seed that was planted. Six months ago, it started to take shape as a reality. Now I'm here, and it feels like a dream.

When I told my friend Luna of this dream, she quickly invited me to stay with her in Bath, England, as she's only an hour away from Glastonbury. When I told her I was also called to Lourdes in France, but I really didn't want to travel internationally on my own again (been there, done that), she enthusiastically exclaimed, "I'll go with you" and a beautiful plan was set in motion.

I don't think either of us quite expected this--the sisterhood that has been nurtured between us even more through the planning and then meeting for the first time in person. I don't think anyone could have anticipated the energetic experiences we've had, especially here in Glastonbury...

Glastonbury is a spiritual epicenter and the heart chakra of the Earth through which all the ley lines converge. It's also known as the site of Aurthurian legend in that the Tor is linked to Avalon and Glastonbury Abbey is known as King Aurthur and Queen Guinevere's final resting place. Glastonbury also holds significance to early Christianity (as well as Wiccan and Pagan origins)--the Chalice Well natural water source is said to have sprung from the ground where the Holy Grail chalice was placed and is a site that is also linked to Joseph of Arimathea. (For our channelings with Merlin and the energy of Camelot, check out The Camelot Series sacred channelings on my YouTube sister channel.) There is so much interconnectedness here within my own personal spiritual journey that it feels impossible to articulate. As more pieces reveal itself, I will certainly try...

Driving into Glastonbury, we saw the Tor in the distance, and already I could feel my body beginning to tune into the heightened energy of the surrounding area. We stopped first for tea and a small breakfast at a cafe in town where we met our friend Kelly. Kelly was one of my first clients when I began my business, and we quickly recognized each other as soul family. She's an incredibly gifted healer and one of my trusted soul family that I turn to when I'm in need of a clearing or energetic support. Being in close proximity to each other, I introduced Kelly and Luna, and they immediately took to each other. As our friendships have grown, the three of us began to realize the impact and importance of our relationship to each other and how our journey brought us together, intuitively knowing that we three have experienced past lifetimes together.

We spent some time catching up at the cafe before walking on to the sacred site of Chalice Well garden sanctuary. Marked by the symbol of the Visica pisces, the well and its surrounding gardens is said to be a source of Divine Feminine energy. That energy was palpable as soon as we stepped foot on the grounds and approached the garden gate. We each purchased a glass bottle at the ticket counter in order to collect water from the Lion's Head--the one spring in which it's allowed and encouraged to drink from.

Our first stop in the gardens was on the stretch of lawn right out of the gate where two ancient-looking trees bloom, standing tall and erect. Twin trees, we called them for the way they were placed. Wordlessly, all three of us were drawn to the center. Even before I stepped foot in the open space between them, I had a vision of the landscaped area growing dense with trees around us and the three of us standing together, in this very spot, in a medieval wood.

The sensations, the visions, the clarity of this knowing that was unlike anything I've ever experienced before... I've always felt as if we've experienced other lives with each other before--so quickly upon meeting we had a soul recognition that only grew as our friendship was nurtured. I've also felt this with my other soul family and best friends throughout my life and over the course of this spiritual journey. But this... This was ancient sisterhood that was igniting forgotten memories within this sacred site.

Kelly and Luna shared that they, too, were having a similar experience before Kelly shared that she'd received direction for the three of us to stand in a straight line holding hands. Luna whirled around and exclaimed that she'd heard the same thing--which isn't the last time this would happen here!

We congregated between the trees and held hands, looking out over the embankments and sacred pools of water, acutely aware that the Tor and its remains of St. Michael's Tower was situated at a distance behind us. We received download after download, each of us sharing the visions we were experiencing. I felt like I was pulled back in time--called back to a place of ancient knowledge, wisdom, and higher understanding. I could feel the energy of Time itself weaving around us--could feel the empty gardens grow thick with trees from a medieval forest, could see cloaks and ritual and healing in connection to this natural world that surrounded us. At one point, I saw Merlin approaching--trudging up the hill in front of us, staff in his hand as support for his aging limbs. I felt as if he was a bridge between that lifetime and this lifetime, and intuitively knew that he would be our guide through this experience.

We continued to wander and explore the gardens, finding little alcoves in which to pause and sit in silence. At one point when we were sitting together, Kelly was called to sit between me and Luna and perform a healing session, placing a hand on both of our shoulders. As the energy began to flow, I began to softly channel light language, bringing in new light codes. In my mind's eye, I saw Yeshua and Mary Magdalene approach and place a kiss on each of our foreheads. then Yeshua kneeled before me and touched my feet. Luna later mentioned that she experienced something similar.

We filled up our water bottles at the Lion's Head spring, met a friendly cat that greeted us and guided us down a path before promptly turning back to stalk its dinner in the brush, and took some pictures together.

At the well, more magic was unearthed. At this point, I was already blown away. I've experienced so much phenomena during the past six years of my ascension journey--truly, all of my life--that nothing should surprise me now. But nothing compares to today.

The Chalice Well, also known as the Red Spring for the natural iron deposits in the water, is situated at the top of the sanctuary with stone steps leading to the opening of the sacred spring. Its cover is crafted from wrought iron and oak in the sacred symbol of the Vesica pisces (in sacred geometry, this is known as the basic pattern for the Tree of Life/Seed of Life with great harmonic resonance), and a wrought iron grate covers the well itself. Offerings are often found at the site, and on this day a young woman was sitting on the stone wall in meditation before it. Beautiful garden alcoves with benches surround the site so that one can observe and contemplate in solitude.

I arrived at the spring a bit behind Kelly and Luna. After taking a moment to admire the well, I spotted Kelly on one of the benches in a nearby alcove. I started to walk towards her, then stopped. I was being led in another direction--up a set of stone stairs and towards a wooden bench that overlooked the well. When I saw that Luna was on one bench to my left and Kelly was on another to my right, I felt my soul light up instantly in recognition of what we had created--a triangle. Trinity energy.

Immediately, in my mind's eye, I saw a warm, golden thread wrapping around the three of us, spooling into a cocoon. I tried closing my eyes to go into meditation, but my body was still and my eyes remained open, warmth flooding through me. My eyes were trained on the stone floor in front of me and the steps leading back down to the well, and with my physical eyes I saw a blue energy lift from the stone and take the shape of what I can only describe as runes. I don't know anything about runes--I couldn't interpret what I was seeing even if I wanted to--but I knew what I was seeing were ancient symbols.

This isn't the first time I've seen energy with my physical eyes, but it was the first time it took shape like this. It felt powerful. Sacred. There was no physical translation, just an unconscious integration that I understood would continue throughout the next few months--that more understanding of these experiences would be shown to us and come forth like pieces of a puzzle.

After we explored the rest of the gardens--and having both been here before--Kelly was called to ask if The White Spring was open. Around the corner from the sanctuary, The White Spring, whose water source is issued from the Tor, is an inner temple that is said to be the counterpart to Chalice Well. It's only open for a few select hours a day, and we considered it fate that we arrived when it was open--divine timing and guidance that would continue for the rest of our trip.

As we were walking out of the gardens, I was intuitively reminded of a dream I'd had many years ago connected to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. In the dream, I was standing with my counterpart as part of a small group of half a dozen people among the the ruins of a castle, broken stone walls surrounding us and dirt at our feet. We were taking turns, speaking of shared visions in earnest. The last to speak, I stepped forward and began to sing about two round tables. Before us was the broken remains of a stone round table. As I woke up from that dream, I knew what the message was. The energy is returning--at least, what that energy represents. Magic. Honor. Integrity. Wisdom. A Golden Age. But rather than a single round table, it was expanding to two, creating a symbol for infinity, indicating this energy is here to stay if we welcome it together and believe in its possibility. Now, standing on the pathway that is the entrance to Chalice Well garden, I understood that this was also the Vesica pisces--the seed of life. So much more insight and understanding, I'm told now, is going to continue to unfold...

We filled our bottles with water from the spring outside, merging the waters from the two springs (what I now call Union water) so that I couldn't help but be called to my Sacred Union channelings and the visions I've received years ago in my collective tarot readings. The profundity of the two cups (Two of Cups card) pouring into the third (the Ace of Cups) for the merged energy of the masculine and feminine to birth forth a trinity energy was symbolically replicated here.

Considered a sanctuary to the Divine Masculine, again as counterpart to the Divine Feminine energy of Chalice Well, the energy is again palpable almost immediately. No pictures were allowed here, but no pictures were needed. This sacred site was to be felt. We approached down a set of stone steps into what can only be described as a musky, candlelit cavern, a bathing pool attached to the spring in its center. Little alcoves with altars were placed around the perimeter. I was immediately drawn towards the back of the cavern where there was a small altar adorned with a statue of Cernunnos, crystals, candles, and burning incense--what I believe was Frankincense. I sat on a little wood bench in front of it and opened my heart, my vision focused on the flickering flames of the candles.

The energy of The White Spring felt heavy--certainly heavier than Chalice Well--but not in a negative way. It felt more grounded, more earthly, more present. I could immediately sense the presence of the masculine energy in a way I've only experienced in meditations and channelings--not as a person or a projection or a reflection. I knew this wasn't just the Divine Masculine, nor even the Conscious Masculine.

"This is the Sacred Masculine."

I began to sob, hearing those words in my heart, feeling them filter into the very core of my being. I felt my masculine with me--not in attachment or memory of a physical person, but in the energy I've always felt connected to, a love that I've experienced since long before I was aware of this journey, long before I had the words.

"I'm coming home," I heard him say.

I kept feeling a desire to run, to flee, like my heart and mind were in a tug-of-war. I stilled myself, dropped into my heartspace, and cleared any fear and anxiety there. I felt the masculine energy anchoring in. Then I heard him say, "I'm not running anymore," and a wave of relief and peace washed over me. It was like a final battle of ego and surrender, then its release and an embrace.

I was crying the whole time. I don't know if words will ever do this justice. It felt like home, like I was surrounded with an energy of sacred protection from the masculine--an honoring, a security, a protectiveness engulfed me. In my heart, I heard, "the masculine is completing the final stage of this level of his ascension." Then I was guided to drink the water from the bottle--the union water created from Chalice Well and The White Spring, the sacred masculine and sacred feminine as one.

Later, in talking to Kelly--who had been on the other side of the cavern--it was shared with me that she had been guided to drink her water as well. We had lunch at a cute little cafe in town (a delicious frittata and a Greek salad for the foodies), then Luna and I parted ways with Kelly and moved onto Glastonbury Abbey.

Glastonbury Abbey was an 8th century monastery, now comprised of ancient ruins, housed on acres of sprawling land. Since the 12th century, it's been associated with the legend of Avalon, purportedly to be the final resting place of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. It's also linked to Christian lore as being founded by Joseph of Arimathea who, according to the gospels, was responsible for the burial of Yeshua after the crucifiction and a keeper of the Holy Grail.

The Abbey's energy felt quite different from Chalice Well. It was still. Quiet. Peaceful. I felt at ease there, like I could sit in the solitude of the past and be present with myself...

We explored the ruins and the grounds for an hour or so before heading back into town. We stopped into some shops where I bought some books and incense--I was drawn to a special Merlin blend, and though I tried to put it back, I couldn't. Apparently, Merlin wasn't done guiding me yet...

I feel like new codes and integration were brought in here, and while not everything has been revealed and it's certainly not consciously understood yet--I feel like this will take time--I know, without a doubt, that everything here has been guided for a divine purpose. The magnitude of everything experienced--the energy, the visions, the sacredness of it all, will continue to live with me as part of me.


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